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  1. well he is most definitely better than the QBs left imo
  2. OK well hopefully we just skip on QB this year now.......
  3. not old enough to be wasting 1st round picks on a back up QB lol
  4. im sure Rodgers is so pleased to see a 1st rounder wasted lol
  5. anyone think we could trade a later pick with KC to get back into the 1st to get that 5th year if we were to take Love? it is the former homer of Ballard
  6. there is literally chance we can come out with an all pro DT plus a top QB and top WR in the fist 2 rounds I will cry tears of joy if this comes to be true hahahah
  7. I really hope NO doesn't give me another reason to hate them lol
  8. damn was really wanting Reagor here was hoping we could snag him later. but awesome for him tho!
  9. every year a player I love goes somewhere I hate its a guaranteed thing to * me off every year lol
  10. Love is probably going to NE please God don't let this happen!!!
  11. they are pushing so many talented WRs down the board I love it!!
  12. thats what I was thinking its not like all that has happened is different from the predictions so far lol
  13. I said borderline 1st rounder and even if he isn't he is still a 2md rounder Morgan is like a 5th or 6th round project. its gonna be this way every year til the end of time people like higher rated players no matter what
  14. if we come out with both of them I will be one happy guy lol
  15. my fear is they ball out on 1 year deal we extend them and then they become Desir.
  16. It would be great for this year but with our really great young players coming up for big extensions it will be sad to lose other players after they play great after a 1 year deal and we can't afford all of them thus creating possibly many holes thats a worry for me
  17. I really hope these cheap 1 year deals don't come back to bite us in the * lol if these players all ball out we will either have tons of contracts to give out or tons of holes to fill next year
  18. still think WR should be a top priority in the draft I don't have much faith in Pascal Johnson or Dulin being more than decent depth. TY is getting older the rest are either decent depth or serious projects get someone to be a serious threat for years to come i feel the same about TE even after the Burton deal
  19. pretty decent signing would have rather traded a 4th or 5th for OJ Howard but this is an extremely cheap deal so can't be upset about that at all lol
  20. probably cause one is a borderline 1st rounder the other is talked about as a 6th rounder might have just a lil something to do with that but idk
  21. Hell Gronk was traded for a 4th we should be able to get Howard for less honestly. one is a kid with hardly any great stats the other is one if the best TEs ever so get it done and don't use Hooker as bait!!!
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