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  1. I just did this for fun honestly. Like I said before, I did like our draft and think that it was done very well by our front office.
  2. I thought this would be interesting to do since we would know who would be available at our picks (including trades) who would you have taken? Round 1 Pick 24 - Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St. - Thought OLB could be addressed later on in the draft.Round 3 Pick 86 - Hugh Thornton OG Illinois - I really liked this pick so I kept it I think he will do really well for us.Round 4 Pick 121 - Johnathan Franklin RB UCLA - I thought he was the best back in this years draft. Great pass protection and good speed. 3 down back.Round 5 Pick 139 - Brandon Jenkins DE/OLB Florida St. - Was hurt and fell down
  3. The problem with getting Dansby would be that we have to very capable starters at MLB and a good backup with Freeman, Angerer, and Connor. I don't know where he would fit in with that rotation and none of them fit really well at the OLB position. I mean yes Dansby is probably better than all 3 of them, but I don't think it warrants us getting him as he is getting on the wrong side of 30. Ahmad Bradshaw I wouldn't mind hes fairly young and is a 3 down back. I'm not sure how he is in pass protection, but he is a weapon that Andrew Luck would love to have and would definitely help him in his
  4. This "strategy" isn't something thats going to work immediately because we just don't have the right personnel for it, but it is something that we're more working towards the future. Think of it like the the Steelers a couple years back. They had a dominant front 7 that allowed like under 90 rushing yards a game, but had people like James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley that would just just the QB. I think this is something we're trying to replicate, even the Ravens had something like this. Have good run stoppers like Lewis and Ngata and have a guy like Terrell Suggs dominate the pass rush.
  5. Maybe the #93 jersey has special powers and it will pass on the pass rushing skills that Freeney had/acquired over to Walden. Okay, just kidding, but yeah this will be a bit weird watching games and seeing #93 on defense and not going through the o-line like a bullet straight for the QB.
  6. Too small in my opinion. Pete Carrolls approach to CB I think is what the NFL is going to start going towards more bigger, more aggressive corners who may not be the fastest, but strong enough to contain them and disrupt their routes. He is just plain to small 5'10'' and not even close to 200 he will be bullied by bigger WRs.
  7. What is everyone complaining about? A team starts from the trenches... you think about all the best teams right now, 49ers, Ravens, Patriots, Seahawks, Broncos -- they all have great offensive lines that can protect their QB's and on the defensive side they have a stout front 7. Your teams get better through the trenches. If the front 7 starts dominating and getting pressure your corners look better, if your offensive line blocks really well you r RB and QB look better. It all starts from there and thats where we're putting our focus. Just some breaking news I guarantee that more than li
  8. The Vikings obviously, but other than that I think the Cardinals had an amazing draft Jonathan Cooper, Kevin Minter, Alex Okafar, Tyrann Mathieu, Stephen Taylor, Ryan Swope. I think they got really good value for all these picks.
  9. I don't think there is a corner worth taking in the 4th round, Quintin Patton would be a great pickup but doubt he will be available when we pick in the 4th. I think Marcus Lattimore or Johnathan Franklin would be a great pick. I lean more towards Franklin, because he fits everything we need him to do. Runs well, has good enough speed who explodes out of his cuts and through open holes, and has solid hands and good in pass protection. Would be a 3 down back. I think for WR someone who has been a bit under the radar that we can pick up in the 5th would be Rodney Smith. 6'4'' 225 out of Flo
  10. Is going to be my final mock draft before the draft tomorrow. Trade first round pick to SF for 2nd and 3rd. Pick 34 (From SF) - D.J. Hayden CB University of Houston There has been a lot of hype about this kid over the past couple weeks leading up to the draft. Mayock even has him as his number 1 CB this year, but I didn't think it was a big deal until I saw the tape. Has great speed and quick feet, uses speed to close in on the ball. Fights for the ball in jump ball situations and is fluid while mirroring WR's. Solid in both zone and man coverage and although a big undersized does
  11. If the WR is so deep in this class theres no reason to make a reach at the end of the 1st for Patton, hes probably gonna be a mid-to-late 2nd early 3rd round selection. And Allen is one of the best blocking TE's in the League. Watch the tape, he was effective in the run and the pass, even played fullback and paved the way for whoever was running. We just traded for a FB from the Eagles who is just as versatile, and if we need someone to block we also have Saunders, there is absolutely no reason to draft a TE this year with so many other needs. Drafting a TE at all this year would just be a
  12. Honestly I couldn't disagree more. WR is by no means our most needed position. Drafting a WR this year is actually kind of a luxury, its just something that would be nice so we can groom them into something later on. And we don't have 2 4th round picks, we have 1 and 2 7th round picks an no 5th round pick, not counting any trades. And why would we draft a "versatile" TE? We have Allen and Fleener. Allen is one of the best blocking TE in the game and he has good hands and decent speed. Fleener is a guy who is working on his blocking, but can stretch the field at TE and make a lot of mi
  13. At work with nothing to do so I thought I would just write up another mock draft, but instead of with our original picks have make a trade and get a 2nd and 3rd rounder. 2nd Round - Larry Warford G Kentucky Big guard that can immediately make an impact as a starter from day 1. Has good quickness for a man his size and can mirror defenders in pass protection and also has good upper body and lower body strength to drive defenders off the ball and can open up holes for the runner. 3rd Round - Terrance Williams WR Baylor With other needs for other teams being more of a concern I can see Will
  14. Busts: Geno Smith QB Tavon Austin WR Ziggy Ansah DE Pro Bowlers: Dion Jordan OLB/DE Chance Warmack OG Johnathan Cyperian S
  15. I think we should pick up Knile Davis later on in the draft rather than take Taylor in the 4th.
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