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  1. Well, I wouldnt say its a COMPLETE waste. Backup QB are valuable as well. But like anything else in the draft, usually the better backups are taken earlier - everyone just usually calls them busts. Me personally, I'd usually take a different position than QB in Draft Day 3, because you also need depth at other positions you're more likely to fill on Day 3, to say nothing about Special Teams. But I'm not against occasionally taking a stab on a QB with the right traits. Maybe hes not anything but a spot starter, but at this stage in his career, anyone wouldve said Ryan Fitzpatrick w
  2. You didn't know those guys are just falling from the sky? lol.
  3. Watch the '18 LSU game where the throwing lanes were much tighter than the Big 12 lanes he had to make whil in Oklahoma. When he needed to make tight throws, he couldn't do it consistently. Accuracy is one of the most uncoachable traits and Jalen is more developmental in that area than he is upside. Hard pass in any round before the 5th.
  4. It's really impossible to guess who that 'someone' is. The signing of Rivers ensures that Jacoby is in the rearview, but maybe can stick around at the right price. He's still not the answer. Rivers is nearly done but we're hoping to squeeze the last bit of good play out of him. If we do make any sort of run in the playoffs this year, we're looking at late 1, early 2nd for QB in the draft in 2021, which means maybe, MAAAAYBE that guy will sit a year and be ready in 2022. Nobody has a crystal ball for that sort of prediction.
  5. We dont know who all will be available next free agency/draft or the one after that.
  6. There needs to be a "Someone Else" checkbox.
  7. And despite this, people continue speculating wildly. Nice try, I guess?
  8. Here's the thing about states that don't have income taxes - everything else is more expensive. For the most part, it's a wash. States will get their taxes one way or another, whether it's income taxes, sales taxes or any other applicable taxes. So if there's any advantage at all, it's not enough that would make a player take a smaller deal (or even same deal) to be in a state that doesn't have income taxes.
  9. Pretty big move. I can't say I love it, but I don't dislike it either. I did a write up on him pre-draft in 2016. Really liked him then too. Seems like we're in win now mode, but QB will continue to be a conversation. I guess we'll be looking at guys like Fromm and Eason. Maybe we get lucky and Love drops, but I'm not seeing it. Just please don't make it be Jalen Hurts. That's all I ask.
  10. This is actually not the first tracker thread. You can check out some of the posts in there as well.
  11. They just didn't want to have to address the horrid pass interference reviews. All they needed was a reason and nature gave them the coronavirus. lol
  12. His accuracy seems all over the place. Makes some great throws but then misses others really bad. Maybe a priority free agent add? He needs a ton of work.
  13. "I worry what you think I said was that Jalen Hurts has a chance and is therefore a gamble. What I said was, Jalen Hurts is a wasted pick. - Ron Swanson" - OffensivelyPC. lol I'm being cynical, but I'm definitely not attacking you. I'm just not a fan of Hurts. I'd rather have almost any other QB from this draft.
  14. Why use a 2nd on Hurts when you could grab him with a 5th rounder? Hurts would be a waste of a 2nd round pick.
  15. The Mahomes comps are really not ridiculous though. They have similar strengths and weaknesses. Both gunslingers. Similar projections into the NFL (anywhere from 1st-3rd round projections and going to need to sit a year). Both good in the pocket and can stil make plays out of the pocket. Don't get hung up in thinking I mean that because Mahomes turned out the way he did that Love will also. That is as much on the player to work on his craft as it is the coaches to develop him into the best QB that he can be. All I think anyone is saying - or at least what I am saying abotu
  16. Except @jvan1973 and I have provided links to articles giving you data and you have not. All you have done is state an opinion, which you could not back up and then dismiss the data we provided carte blanche. It's like you don't even pay attention to the words that are putting on the internet. It's impossible to take anyting you say seriously. So I'm not going to waste anymore time here.
  17. Kinda the same sentiment as several above me: Slight preference for Love's ceiling, but I'd be happy with either. I'd also probably trade up for either if I were a GM who loves what they offer and I thought my coach could get the bad habits out of him.
  18. This trade is what you get when a GM panics. No, I'd rather keep JB, sign Rivers and draft a QB. We're left cleaning the scraps from Luck's retirement and we haven't had an opportunity to do that since he retired right before the season. So we were bound to eat up some bad cap space from the QB position. You get a lot worse on teams that sign average QBs to long term deals. We'll be fine as long as we find that guy sooner rather than later.
  19. lol if that's what you think, the remark "The NFL has become a soap opera that no one wants to watch," is simply an uniformed and ignorant opinion that no one will buy without the same uninformed ignorance. I mean, I'm not trying to name call here, but that's what you are essentially doing - insisted ignorance.
  20. Not even you could deny his ceiling. Knowing that to be a possibility, why wouldn't people like him? Eason is more of a risk because he lacks it between the ears, IMO. Doesn't help that there have been questions about his commitment to the game (which have gained weight after his combine interview reports). We already lost Luck who apparently lost his love for the game, we don't need another QB who has this red flag already out there. No thanks, I'll take Love or Herbert.
  21. It's not that hard to find . the NFL dominates the TV ratings and total viewership. It's not as vast as @jvan1973 said (I don't know his sources, but according to Variety, the NFL commands 19 spots within the top 50 in total viewership and 26 spots of the top 50 in NFL ratings (the much sought after 18-49 demographic). The simple fact of the matter is, you are wrong. Attendance has fallen, but viewership continues to rise up for the second straight year. Teams make crumbs from game attendance compared to TV views.
  22. I didn't say for you. I said it so the mods can merge them.
  23. Seems like you're making insane assumptions. No, not "seems," you are make huge assumptions. Red flag? Yes. Drug addiction? You need to write a thesis to convince anyone for that.
  24. There are a lot of similarities to their draft profiles though. I dont think anyone compares the two because they expect the same outcome. But they really do have a lot in common. Similar projections, similar traits, similar style. How Love evolves is up to him and how he is coached up. But its not hard to see how he compares, IMO.
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