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  1. This is really not that big of a deal. Does he have a right to get angry with his coaches? Absolutely, he's the owner. Did he need to take it to Twitter? No, but you post at your own risk and it makes him come across as a bit childish. But it's hard to take him seriously when we never heard a peep about how awful we did in the pre-season when the Polians were here, and now all the sudden, it's time to get amped up. I get that he fired the Polians because he "wanted his team back," for lack of a better description. Polians were running everything and Irsay just sat back and let them do t
  2. If anything, it'd be good to have some perspective from someone else. Maybe I'm grading the guy too hard because I am one of the guys who wants Walden to do well. It's ironic how I defend a guy that everyone picks on and I'm the harsher critic, lol.
  3. No, don't get me wrong, I absolutely agree with you on the setting the edge bit. He was not to blame on either of those plays. but what I'm tlaking about, in the pass rush, is watch the play where EJ Manuel rips off 25 yards or whatever it was. He ran so far up the field and took himself out of the play. Then, if I recall correctly, a play or two later, he did the exact same thing and opened up another hole in the pass rush again. I don't remember how that play panned out and I can't watch it because I'm at work. He's great at setting the edge, but I worry about when we play teams like
  4. No, I did. But I don't think you understood my post. I very clearly said, "for the first team reps, there was much more positive than there was negative" and then talked specifically about the first team except for Williams and then very clearly said "out of our first team reps, we probably graded out..." Backups didn't look good, but it's the backups in a fake game. If you are looking for quality football, you shouldn't be watching anything past the first quarter in the pre-season. They are back ups for a reason.
  5. Lack of quality play from whom? Because yeah, there was some mistakes made, but other than Coby Fleener's fumble, they weren't mistakes that really hurt. It's just the pre-season. Is there some kinks to wrk out? Absolutely, but for the first team reps, there was much more positive than there was negative. OL had a few misses but was positive and certainly looks improved from last year. The sack Luck is apparently taking the blame for. Running game - Difficult to say, since we dont' have Bradshaw in. So we don't know what kind of rotation and packages we'll have and who will be used
  6. , if you extrapolate that, how many fumbles does Coby Fleener have? 8?
  7. Keep in mind that we just drafted an OG that is injured. Yeah, Satele isn't that great, but he didn't play bad. The whiff against the DT was partially in part because (as another commenter put it), I think that Thomas was supposed to give block support before he released to the next level. Thomas didn't block anyone on that play.
  8. I would say that the Colts pass blocking looked better than it's run blocking (starters only). Not perfect, but better than average. For it being the first game that this unit has played together, I'm fairly impressed. It takes time for a line to gel and I think people forget that.
  9. Except Cliff wasn't even visiting. We didnt want Cliff anyway. There was always conflicting reports.
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