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  1. Seems to me that the two aren't mutually exclusive.
  2. Agree with every word you said, unfortunately including the Saints game. Just had a bad feelin.
  3. Yeah, and if my aunt had balls, she'd by my uncle.
  4. Agreed. Take the least amount of damage and having to sacrifice as little as possible. To the NFL, they'd rather put a bandage on it, not a cure. And strictly speaking, that's a solid business decision. But even well intentioned business decisions (to which I make no argument as to what the NFL's intent is) made today can have unintended long term results, some for the worse. Oh, and thanks about the Avatar. In Grigson we trust!
  5. And that's fair. I'm not saying the NFL should be exonerated. What they did was, quite frankly, despicable and it is difficult to take their response as genuine when they have a very acute interest in the final outcome, but capable of skewing the research.
  6. I disagree about his speed. I think the reason he isn't evasive is because he doesn't have particularly good top end speed or acceleration. He cuts well, but can't explode. EDIT: Ignore, I thought you were saying Ballard was fast, but apparently I cannot read.
  7. I always hated the analogy to the cigarette industry primarily because addiction to cigarettes and the risk of cancer do not translate very well. Yes, the body of information was concealed by both the smoking industry and the NFL. But there was ample evidence out before the NFL concealed the evidence that repeated brain trauma could cause long term brain damage dating back to the 60's. What the NFL did was simply mislead anyone by "making discoveries" that went against the great body of information already out. That's how this is different from the smoking industry. It has been known and
  8. He definitely didn't look great on Saturday. Kruger was playing solid D and was always in the backfield it felt like.
  9. I wouldn't say they let Doom walk. That was on the agent, and because of the cap penalty, they were effectively removed from being a possible team to retain him because they were so close to the cap.
  10. I am not sure what 2CBs you meant were learning a new system, but Toler played in a very similar scheme at AZ.
  11. Honestly, all the complaint is a bit ridiculous. You're allowed to take "small clutch purses" into the stadium as long as they fit in the clear bag. I don't know a woman who requires a tampon that is larger than 6.5 inches. I mean the policy itself is a bit overkill, but at the same token, the arguments against are pretty weak.
  12. I don't know if you qualify for CPOY if you get injured for one game and then get benched because the backup got the nod. If he does qualify, he's definitely a candidate though. I think he's shown well this preseason.
  13. I think this is a stretch. Anything is possible I suppose, but I doubt it happens for two reasons. 1st, only two rookies since 98 that were drafted after the first round or went undrafted have posted a +1000 yard season and 8 or more TDs, Anquan Bolden and Marques Colston. Which brings me to reason #2, Colston's stats are closest to 1100 yards and 8 TDs, which he put up 1038 yards and 8 TDs, and he did not win the OROY. Yeah, Brady is his QB, but I don't think that that fact alone is going to get him to the 1100 yard/8TD mark.
  14. The difference isn't how many players he brought in, it's how many starters he brought in, or guys that make substantial contributions during hte regular season and how it translates into wins.
  15. Point #3 - if you were to sign him as a free agent, it is often more expensive.
  16. I don't know how you could be a Kerwynn non-fan. All the guy does is be very coachable and work hard. He'll be a situational type player and could be very good at it in the passing game.
  17. They've always clinged to the Due Process based argument. I get it, you don't want players getting slammed on questionable results. But at the same token, just about any correctional institution, employer, etc. considers it a positive sample if you produce a diluted sample. So it doesn't really surprise me that the NFL would adopt the same general rule. And why shouldn't they? I agree with you on this one. I'm totally cool with it, because anyone who smokes pot or takes PEDs, while maybe not a bad guy, will inevitably try figure out a way to avoid giving positive samples while continuing
  18. Well yeah it's fast, but, for a WR, if he ran a 4.45 in this year's combine, he'd be tied for 10th (out of 40 WRs) in 40 time. If he ran a 4.53, he'd be right smack on the average WR speed. So when I say that he's not particularly fast, I just simply mean that he doesn't have elite top end speed.
  19. Ya beat me to it. Didn't know he did that, though.
  20. It was originally 4 games, but on appeal, information came out on "additional violations," so it was increased to 8. Both sides negotiated it down the middle for 6 games.
  21. The trend isn't players getting hit in the knees, the trend is players blaming the rules on H2H contact for hitting the knees. Players have always been hit in the knees. But the accusation that they hit players in the knees to avoid penalties and fines is fairly recent.
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