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  1. That's a pretty fair assessment, actually. I guess it didn't matter what we offered. It was either too expensive for us to have seriously considered (or would regret if Cleveland didn't match) or it would have been so cheap that Cleveland would have matched.
  2. Yeah, I would have gone with Van Noy as well, and I've been high on Dozier since I first started looking at OL. Though, I will say that my biggest concern about him is that he uses power to compensate for form and technique sometimes, especially in pass pro. That may work at the lower level, but it won't work in the NFL. Lucky for us, if we're looking to improve any position that isn't center, it's right guard (I still believe Thomas will be productive if he can keep healthy). Nevertheless, unless Dozier makes huge strides in camp, were we to draft him, he may follow the same route Hughes
  3. Yeah, I know. And I also understand that when we're talking about tweeners, the traditional 3-4, 4-3 designation doesn't apply in such a hard and fast manner. To me, these guys are pretty similar and if we're picking between one or the other with the 27th pick of the 2nd, assuming there isn't any other position of need available, I don't think you can go wrong with either of these guys. I know some like Van Noy and Attaochu as well. But if I put them on my big board, it depends on the purpose for which we'd be drafting him for. That's why its' really hard to say some of these guys are bet
  4. It would be the best celebration fail ever.
  5. Interesting Info. Joking aside, I like the rule. No reason to cause game delays for a TD celebration.
  6. Agree about Kyle Van Noy. I really can't decide who I like between Bradford and Smith, though. Both guys have size limitations, so I tend to side with Bradford who was utilized in a 3-4 (whereas Smith were in a 4-3 if memory serves) and I also think Bradford is a bit more explosive than Smith.
  7. lol I've got to ask, this is like the 5th or 6th post today I've seen you type "Interesting info." And you're always like the first or second reply. It's starting to make me laugh.
  8. Intentional misses, anyone? If I were a kicker opposed to the rule, I'd consider it. If you wwant an accurate read on what it would be like, gotta make it during games that mean something.
  9. Sure thing. http://walterfootball.com/draft2014charlie.php Yeah, I agree with you on the Coleman. I think both those guys are the "safer pick" (whatever that may mean), but what I think Charlie was thinking was "Red Zone Target." And at 6'6", how can one disagree? He was once projected to be a late first round pick, but a knee injury in 2012 set him back a bit in 2013. He's been quoted as saying he's finally starting to get his stride back. A risk at #90 nonetheless.
  10. Louichiez Purifoy - no thanks. He's projected as a 3rd rounder, but only because of his physical skill set. He'll go before the 5th I think, but I'm not touching the dude before then, and I would probably wait until the 6th. He is at least a year away from seeing any substantial playing time, he's not very physical at the LOS in press man, not a great tackler, gets burned quite often, and my biggest problem - poor instincts and technique. He didn't look good at the combine, and he didn't do anything to alleviate that impression at his pro day - if aything he confirmed the impressions at th
  11. Sorry mods, thought I was in the NFL Draft and Scouting portion of the forum when I hit start topic, please move
  12. Gotta say, I think I really like this draft. The only questionable pick for me was Brandon Coleman in the 3rd. Notable players left on the board are in parenthesis. Here's the picks: 2nd Rd. (#59 overall) - OLB Carl Bradford, Arizona State (WR Davante Adams, DT Will Sutton, WR Donte Moncrief, OLB Kyle Van Noy, CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste, C/G Marcus Martin, G/OT Brandon Thomas) 3rd Rd. (#90 overall) - WR Brandon Coleman, Rutgers (CB Braushaud Breeland, WR Paul Richardson, G Cyril Richardson, G/OT Dakota Dozier, DT Kelcy Quarles) 5th Rd. (#166 overall) - S Kenny Ladler, Vanderbilt (wou
  13. I don't think that the Colts inquiring into Mack means Holmes was intended to be the backup plan heading into this offseason. I jsut think its merely an acknowledgment that there are better centers. Maybe that's whaty ou are saying. But there aren't many centers in teh NFL as good as Mack, if any. So if we could have gotten him on the cheap, of course they'd bring him in. It's all about economic efficiency. It seems to me that Grigs would have paid for A production if he could have gotten him at a price that wasn't top 5 money for centers. But since that is what Mack is likely to comman
  14. Most productive post on this thread. Other acceptable answers:
  15. More like if we get a consistent pass rush. Even Bethea would have been much better in coverage if we could get a good pass rush more often than not. Our DL was hot one play and cold for the next few. Makes it hard on the secondary to have to cover forever.
  16. 2 rounds higher or in the second? In either event, I think he is a 6th round prospect. I'd be surprised if he went any higher to be honest.
  17. You are correct. Compensatory picks cannot be traded away.
  18. Which why I wouldn't mind it if Rodgers or Brady beat him. It is, after all, a popularity contest. But even popularity contests have its limits in teh sense that you don't go full re---- just to vote your favorite. There has to be some modicum of common sense.
  19. If anything he should have at least made it into the 2nd round. In my opinion, he is top 5. But if he lost to Rodgers in the 2nd round or to Brady in the 3rd, whatever. I can swallow that, even if I disagree. But to lose to a 2nd year QB who won a superbowl on the back of the best defense in the past 20 years? Yeah, let's crown him already as better than Manning. Ain't nobody got time for that brand of stupid.
  20. lol Good god. Saw Brett Favre lost to Rich Gannon....Rich...Gannon... This is evidence why arguing with some people is just impossible.
  21. Not that I wish it on Wilson or anything, but say he was on Madden cover. If he does get hurt this year, is there going to be any end to fans of the other 31 teams trolling Seahawks fans about hte Madden curse?
  22. Well, with the 1st rounders, and especially so, you aren't going to cut because rookie contracts are fully guaranteed. So there's really no incentive to cut them, even after year 3. Might as well keep them ify ou're paying for them. And for first round picks, while htey may not be good enough to start, chances are, they aren't going to be the worst person on the roster. That seems incredibly unlikely, though it has happened. If you really want to get rid of them after the third year, or sooner for that matter, you have it correct - trade them. You'll get stuck with part of check in the f
  23. I didn't really watch much then. I used to be a huge basketball fan would watch all the time during the Reggie era. I wouldn't watch every game, but I'd watch a good portion of them, and I'd always watch playoff games and some other games I was interested in. But it was like, with the Ron Artest fight and Reggie's retirement, I just stopped watching. The game had just digressed to a point I wasn't interested. But with the Pacer's resurrection and what they currently stand for and how they protray themselves, I've been getting back into it since the 2012-2013. I love this teams mentality
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