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  1. It always depends on who's available, if there's a run of safeties before it gets to us, we're not drafting a safety first thing. You always gotta take the draft as it coems to you.
  2. Justin Ellis and Daniel McCullers are other possibilities I like, but I've seen them mocked anywhere from the 3rd to the 5th, so it's tough to know where they might go and whether we'd want to take them. I'd venture to say we're probably not taking a NT prospect in the 2nd or 3rd, but it would be pretty tough to pass up on if a guy like Hageman fell to us.
  3. Yeah, I don't want a guy that has pouted about his contract, played poorly because of said pouting, and then got benched because of said poor play. Missing time because of injury suck, sure. But missing time because of attitude are even worse.
  4. I just don't see the Texans passing on either Jadevon Clowney. They signed Ryan Fitzpatrick - a decent QB. To me, I think they go with BPA with the first pick and then draft a QB in the early second. There's a very good chance one of the 1st round QBs slips to the second round, and if they don't, reaching for a 2nd round QB with their first pick in the 2nd isn't a bad, considering guys like Garoppolo, McCarron, and Mettenberger, and maybe even Murray could develop into nice QBs provided their rookie season is spent on the sidelines with a clipboard.
  5. I agree. I think he could be a pretty good pickup for any team in the 5th. I don't know what route we go in the draft, but if we're in the market for a DT/DE prospect, I'd give him a look.
  6. Still disappointed that they stopped doing ozzfest tours and have it only in one place.
  7. I wasn't a huge fan of Smallwood before his 40 time, but even I was shocked at that one. But to my understanding, he tweaked his hamstring during the 40, so it was understandable. It kept him from running the 40 again at his pro day, but I would ahve to imagine he's faster than the 5.0 time.
  8. I bought a beer in the 2006 Colts superbowl, and for a 12 oz beer, it was 9 bucks...I could buy a six pack of something better htan miller lite for that! To be honest, i'ts one of those things that it's never going to go down. We can protest all we want, but as long as the stadium seats are being filled and people aer buying the drinks, it ain't changing. Sad thing is, I think we the average consumer have just accepted the fact that we save up to go to one game a year and include snacks and parking as part of the costs. It would be nice if they made concessions regular priced food, but it
  9. Yeah, can't support drivers texting while driving. Drives me nuts when I'm behind people driving like they're drunk because they want to text and drive.
  10. Which, since they can travel 20 mph, you may not always see them coming in your side view mirror since. I don't know about anyone else, but it seems to be pretty unreasonable to ask someone to look in their side view mirror when they are executing a right hand turn.
  11. I disagree. He was 1/100 second slower than Clinton Dix and Pryor (and improved his 40 time to an unofficial 4.54 at his pro day). In fact, his combine results are pretty much a mirror image of both Clinton Dix and Pryor. I mean, he's not going to be blazing fast, but he has adequate speed for a FS.
  12. I like him as a 5th or 6th round prospect. I think his arm length, while shorter than ideal, isn't as big of ad eal as some scouts make it out to be. Anything over 33 inches is going to generally be long enough that it doesn't pose a significant issue with pass blocking, especially for a guard or center who isn't often blocking man to man like a LT would. Bodine, is about half an inch under 33 inches, so I'm not too concerned about that. I doubt it would be his rookie season unless we have another injury riddled season, but I think he could work his way into a starting role as a guard.
  13. Jason Verrett. Already small for a CB which may limit his ceiling. Also, it doesn't help that he will have surgery to repair his torn labrum. The word is, he will be 100% and ready for training camp, but teams don't have that guarantee and won't know definitively until after the draft, making him a risk on draft day.
  14. I actually think there's agood chance he'll be there in the 5th. I think teams will shy away from him as a corner, but won't want to take him in the 4th if they plan on transitioning him to FS, as I think there are other FS that will be available (i.e. Ladler) who won't (read shouldn't) require a position change. But you never know come draft day, there are always surprises and it only takes one team to pull the trigger.
  15. That would be pretty time consuming. But it would be fun. Haven't done 7 rounds, but tinker with other mock drafts (usually 3-5 rounds) and its' like playing a game of chess against yourself.
  16. Wow, didn't know that at all about being coached by Gerhart's dad. Pretty cool really, and it makes a bit more sense why he looked comfortable running the ball. As for the film, I agree with you, his coverage (and for scouts, projecting how well he will be able to cover) is the biggest question. I'm not that good, so I can't say with any real conviction. I think he could be good at it, and perhaps that's the reason why his best projection is at a 3-4 sam - because you can make it with more accuracy. We've seen him play there for the majority of his snaps. With Dustin's mock, I thought
  17. http://draftbreakdown.com/video/antone-exum-vs-miami-2012/ He shows decent coverage skills, but not strong man-to-man. He got picked on a lot during this game. If a deep cover safety, he'd make more plays. @ 0:36 - solid throw by the QB. Exum is there, but any CB would have a hard time defending this pass. @ 2:13 - Off the ball, reads the QB well, gets his hand in on the play and makes the stop. @ 2:40 - Good run support. @ 3:12 - Plays off man. Jumps the route well and gets his hand in to deflect the pass. @ 4:02 - All over his man, and would have been good defense if he jus
  18. I wish I had more time to break down film, but I'm going to try to post more flim breakdown of 3rd day prospects between now and draft day. http://draftbreakdown.com/video/caraun-reid-vs-columbia-2013/ Reid gets a solid push and often commands a double team. I know, he plays in the Ivy League, so take it with a grain of salt. But Reid has the ability to win 1-on-1's on a regular basis, especially if he improves his pass technique. Speaking of his pass technique, it needs work. Good swim move and very impressive bull rush, which he relies on very heavily. Contrary to some reports, I be
  19. Okay, I found the game I was talking about. Had to go back to 2012 (found a few more to verify). He typically played DE in their defense, but he played some LB off the ball as well. There is limited film on him, back there, but here's my reasoning as to why I think he can do it, and do it well (still reserving the judgment that he needs more work at pass coverage, but I believe that of the pass coverage I've seen, he wouldn't be a complete failure at it) 2012 ASU vs. Cal, http://draftbreakdown.com/video/carl-bradford-vs-cal-2012/ @2:18-2:30 - copule of plays, shows read ability, and th
  20. I don't think CJ (Iowa) as good a blocker, but he's decent. It's just that CJ has a bit better skill set to be a receiving TE as well. Arthur Lynch is the better blocker, just not quite as strong a receiver.
  21. He was the other guy I was bouncing back and forth between.
  22. He moved around alot in the Sun Devils defense DE/OLB/ILB. He has some fluidity to play in coverage, but the idea would be to play him on run down situations and 3rd and short and goal to go scenarios. You will need a contingency plan in place for passing downs, initially at least. But in the 3rd round, I think I'd take the risk on him if I'm the Cowboys and didn't/couldn't get a better OLB all around prospect. I mean, DE/OLB transitions are always difficult, even if you're going to a team with a similar defense schematically - especially with tweeners like Carl Bradford. But in Bradford'
  23. Meant that he could play a 4-3 Sam. He's a project at that position (and DE for that matter), but if he could improve his coverage skills, he could be decent at the position. Wasnt' really sure who else I could slot there and there were other prospects avaialble, but most were suited for interior line play as opposed to an edge rusher.
  24. Well road rage is kinda like the saying, "don't bring a knife to a gun fight." Except, it's "Don't bring a bike to a road rage fight with vehicles that completely protect the driver in a steel reinforced cages and outweight you by at least a 1000 lbs and travel upwards to 90 mph." I guess cyclist missed that day in physics class lol.
  25. I copy and pasted below, making edits. Some of this makes sense, and some of it I really disagree with. I didnt' really touch plausible picks (especially for other teams) unless I had to because of previous picks I altered. Round 1 Houston (2-14) - Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina St. Louis - from Washington (3-13) - Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn Jacksonville (4-12) -Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville Cleveland (4-12) - Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson Oakland (4-12) - Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo (too many positions of need, so they jsut take the BPA, which in this
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