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  1. Absolutely. Fits their scheme well, Taylor is on his way out. Natural replacement.
  2. God bless you. With the 46th pick, the Lions select Jason Verrett, CB
  3. Much agreed..Xavier, Morgan, Cyrus, Gabe, Yankey, lots of good OL in this area.
  4. With the 41st pick the Bills reach like heck for OT Morgan Moses because the Jaguars picked Cyrus, whom they really wanted.
  5. Perhaps we should repost who's been drafted in the second round and the order.
  6. With the 36th pick, the Raiders select WR Davante Adams
  7. Okay, so if I understand correctly...Dustin's first, yes?
  8. Okay, so now we are round 2...am I the next pick? Or do we start back over with Dustin picking first in the 2nd?
  9. If Blackhawk is going to join, we need to figure out who is picking when and when it takes effect...just to avoid confusion and double picking.
  10. With the 29th pick overall, the Patriots most happily select DT Timmy Jernigan to reinforce their mostly depleted and underachieving defensive line.
  11. The CJ Mosley pick was a very good one. Wanted him, just didn't fit any team needs for the teams I was drafting for.
  12. With the 25th pick, the SD Chargers select DT Louis Nix III
  13. Con la Vente y uno, el Packers select Calvin Pryor FS.
  14. I thought I'd hijackthe topic of conversation? lol my bad
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