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  1. The simple fact of the matter is, you interact with people who probably have been accused of it at some point. And the answer to your question is really quite simple. If you had befriended or even dated someone convicted of rape and were close with them, would learning the information change your mind abotu who they are? I dont' know about you, but I highly doubt that any time someone think about dating someone, or even have casual sex, they would look on the sex offender registry before doing so. Rape is a terrible thing to have happen to someone, but the bottom line is, no one is ever pr
  2. In fact, serial rapists is a rarer occurrence than murders. When I was in law school, I did a report on Haley's law and the sex offender registry in general. I dont' remember the numbers, but when I studied it a few years ago...it was something like murderers recidivate like 8% of the time and rapist like 5%. Of the most violent crimes, serial rapists were actually one of the lowest. Yet, we don't put murderers who get out of prison on any offender registry where the entire world can see them, it's relaly kind of pathetic. Chalk that one up to congress responding to a celbrity case as fas
  3. Read the story yesterday. Sounsd to me like a couple of people were hanging out and that's it. Why teh police were even calledi n to investigate at all is a mystery to me. Until more comes out, I'm saying this was blown out of proportion as far as any report could. That's TMZ for you.
  4. I'll have you know, I was about to head to bed, at about 930-1000 until I clicked on your link. Needless to say, I that game took over my life for about 2 hours. Good fun. Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania freaking kicks balls. Nintendo's best music all time.
  5. I had the exact same reaction. But ti's even funnier when like a 6 year old kid does it. When I my daughter is around that age, hopefully she'll be missing both of her front teeth when she does it. lol
  6. Can't wait to get an update on his progress during OTAs. He's apparently up to 270 now. He could still be another year away, but man would I be impressed if he could see the field for portions of the game and actually do well
  7. Well, since you haven't been here yet today, here's your chuckle for the day. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A Fssshhhh
  8. Why couldn't the Jags have made this offer a month ago? Would have saved a lot of threads. BTW, I expect the Browns to match.
  9. I'm not saying I disagree with anything you've said on Archer or Thomas. I'm not even saying that CBS, NFL, ESPN is wrong or untrustworthy (ESPN is meh, but whatevs). All I'm saying is, for a great deal of players, I'll see their rankings and use it as a starting point. But there are some players to me that are overrated and others that are underrated. And perhaps I didn't clarify what I meant. When I was talking about Archer and Thomas earlier, it was as a return specialist and where I think the Colts should draft one, if in fact we wanted to. To me, it had nothing to do with the game a
  10. lol if it were only that easy... If I scouted for a living, I'd come up with my own formula. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of time...but man would I love scouting for a living.
  11. You could say this about anyone else's big board. The fact of the matter is, one person's big board is different than another's. Case in point. Nfl.com, pre combine had Aaron Donald rated as a 5.35, projected to go in the 4th or 5th round; http://www.nfl.com/draft/2014/profiles/aaron-donald?id=2543485. Now, they record Donald's combine numbers, they copy and past Donald's numbers to his pre-combine profile, but don't change his pre-draft grade. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/aaron-donald?id=2543485 Today, his pre-combine prfile is identical to his combine profile, and his grade is
  12. Yeah I watched film of the NFLPA game, he really does embody that "see the ball, get the ball" mentality. It won't be enough for the NFL, but it's a coachable trait. I think he can read and diagnose the play just fine, but he gets himself out of control at times and gets himself out of position to make the play at times - but at least he disrupts the play in doing so. I see him as taking a year on the depths, improving his technique and gaining more control of both himself and the man he's up against. He'd be an excellent rotational guy if he could accomplish those two things. As far as
  13. I woudln't be disappointed with this draft. Not a huge fan of Lawrence and if we went with Ellis in the 5th, I'd like to see us pick up a different defensive front prospect in the sixth, perhaps even a return specialist such as Dri Archer or D'Anthony Thomas.
  14. Yeah I knew he started out as a WR and then moved to the defensive side of the ball. To my understanding, he was recruited by a couple of the D-1 Virginia schools like WVU and UVA, but didn't have the grades. Unfortunate for him, but I'm sure it also came as a hard knock and had to get serious about school if he ever wanted to play at hte next level. So I'm sure Shepherd was happy to have him.
  15. Hey thanks alot for this. I'll have to give it a watch later on when I get home since my work computer won't let me play it and it's too slow on my employer provided sprint phone - good lord sprint is awful. What's the buzz about him on campus (if you're around the area)? And with the hand times, you always got to take them with a grain of salt, especially when it's a prospect's pro day on his home campus. Human error is always present. EDIT: Where's my manners? Welcome to the boards. Hope to see you around, but if you just stopped in the once for the Howard Jones article, it's sti
  16. In our defense for DL/OLB, I would say at least once per set of downs. Safeties on a much less frequent basis. In fact, the more likely scenario is when we change from our base 3-4 to nickel or dime, in which case, the safety being subbed in or out is generally paired with a linebacker (though, not the pass rushing type - probably Freeman or Jackson).
  17. Alright, I think you've convinced me to the point that I'll go back and watch Skov and re-evaluate as a 5th round prospect. Before when I was evaluating ILBs, it was before the Jackson signing (which coincidentally I was hoping for as opposed to spending a then 3rd round on Skov where he was projected at the time). I'll get back to you on this.
  18. I don't disagree with that. Always depends on who's there of course, but I would like to take a FS or CB somewhere in there.
  19. Oh, I did misunderstand you. Re-read it and didn't notice you said "need over BPA" with the 2nd. To me, that's a give and take proposition. I don't mind reaching a little bit for a need as opposed to simply taking the BPA. But whta I don't want to do is reach for a guy that could, in all likelihood be there when it comes time to pick at 90th overall. That to me is a wasted pick - or at bare minimum turning your 2nd round pick into a 3rd round pick without trading back. As far as the NT remark, I agree, the NT is a staple of any 3-4 andy ou need to have a good one. I think the Colts (a
  20. I think it goes without saying that I'd prefer to draft him in the 7th. It's really hard to predict where he would go. I mean, once you get to the 5th round, it's really just a toss up, but even more so when you get to the 6th and 7th. To me, these are the picks that you try to hit home runs with or look for solid depth and special teams guys. About a month and a half ago after the combine, he was projected as a 7th-UDFA. Since the combine, I've seen him predicted as high as the 5th. Clearly this kid is getting attention. I can't say I'd take him in the 5th, but I would want to becaus
  21. Definitely not where I'd go with our first pick. Maaaybe the 3rd, but it would have to be Matthews, Adams, or Moncrief, none of which who is likely to be there. I don't think we draft a CB in the 2nd, but one CB I couldn't pass up on is Jason Verrett and I do think ther'es a chance he falls to us given his surgery.
  22. Well I agree with you that we should go BPA. There's intriguing prospects everywhere. I don't like taking any CB in the 2nd unless Verret falls to us. I'd consider Jimmie Ward or Brooks in the 2nd, too. As for DL, what exactly were you talking about specifically? Because, from where I stand, the OLB in our defense kind of functions as a DL.
  23. It should be no secret by now my endorsement of Howard Jones. He is a guy that I noticed during the combine. There’s been very little film on him that I could find, but to be honest, any game film you find on him at Shepherd should be taken with a grain of salt since it’s a lower division of college football. The game film on draftbreakdown.com is no exception and can be found at http://draftbreakdown.com/video/howard-jones-vs-nflpa-game-2013/. You’ll notice a guy with good power, raw but coachable traits, undeveloped but very intriguing potential that I would spend our 6/27th pick on him
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