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  1. Thomas improved at his pro day. I know people make a bigger deal out of 40 times than they should, but he clocked an unofficial 4.34 and 4.35, which I would think as a specialist, you couldn't ignore given his college production as returner. I've been a fan of McKinnon as well. Like you, I don't know if we go that route, but I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if we took an all around, quick back who we would use in several positions to utilize his playmaking ability and get him into space (I'm thinking like Julian Edelman).
  2. Cash in while you've got marketability left I guess.
  3. Yep. Wouldn't mind any of those guys either. As far as ST returners, I don't even really know what they look for. It seems like you just pick a fast guy and hope u get lucky.
  4. Really? I'm a fan of the guy...I mean, 6th round or lower. I wish I could remember who else was there. But once you get to the 6/27...its' like like 3/4 RBs/WRs/DTs, and the rest are guys that will be there with the 7/17. But a guy that nets me a bad score that I really would take here is OLB Howard Jones. I wouldnt' care if we had Van Noy. I think this kid is going to be a sleeper pick. Really like that kid.
  5. Really? He's there all the time for me. In fact, the one draft where I traded the 3rd and 6th round for 2 4th rounders...McGill AND Moncrief were available at the 4th round, 4th pick...I was devastated because I know neither would be there for the second lol.
  6. This is probably how I would have done the previous draft. I can only take this game so long, . Your score is: 4612 (GRADE: B+) Round 2 Pick 27: Kyle Van Noy, OLB, Brigham Young (A) Round 3 Pick 26: Keith McGill, CB, Utah (A-) Round 5 Pick 26: Michael Schofield, OT, Michigan (A-) Round 6 Pick 27: Kevin Norwood, WR, Alabama (A) Round 7 Pick 17: Alden Darby, SS, Arizona State (B)
  7. This was one I was drafting for grade. McGill was available, and if this were a real draft, I'd have taken him over Quarles. Schofield, if there at #5 I would take. There was no real FS there, but Alden Darby was avaialable at the time. In fact, more often than not, he is available in the 7th.
  8. Think he meant he had to make a ton of trades just to get a decent grade. Which is true about this game. Either that, or your draft BPA available, but then you get docked because you aren't drafting a "Top 3 Need." It just doesn't make a lot of sense. And it's why I can't, for the life of me figure out how people get 6000 and higher for the Colts.
  9. This netted me my highest grade that I've ever been able to get. Would have liked to get a FS in there, but it wasn't in the cards. Your score is: 5040 (GRADE: A-) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 27: Kyle Van Noy, OLB, Brigham Young (A) Round 3 Pick 26: Kelcy Quarles, DT, South Carolina (A) Round 5 Pick 26: Michael Schofield, OT, Michigan (A-) Round 6 Pick 27: Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana (A) Round 7 Pick 17: Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma (A-)
  10. Here was an odd one. Traded the 3rd round pick and 6th round pick for the two 4th round selections. At 4th Rd, #11, no OL, OLB, WR prospects I liked, but couldn't really trade for anything. Meh on that pick. Round 2 Pick 27: Terrence Brooks, FS, Florida State (A) Round 4 Pick 4 (NYJ): Keith McGill, CB, Utah (A) Round 4 Pick 11 (DET): Christian Jones, ILB, Florida State (B-) Round 5 Pick 26: Michael Schofield, OT, Michigan (A-) Round 7 Pick 17: L'Damian Washington, WR, Missouri (B+)
  11. I couldn't figure out how they did the scoring either. But hey, I was bored at work and I can't watch film at work because it gets blocked out by our IT security program. Since this game functions, I had time to figure it out. And well, after many many hours, I am no closer than when I first started, and the gamer in me just can't let it go.
  12. What I really hate about it is, it makes no room for tweeners and crossovers. Some prospects with a "SS" tag could play the FS position just fine, some OTs project better as OG, or OG/C prospects. With a few of the lesser stacked positions, positions like OT, OG, and FS are being drafted WAAY ahead of where they are projected or even rated. It's like every time a T is listed on the BPA, it's seldom higher than a B rating and never an A. Sucks for the Colts because we have no first round pick and no matter how you draft, sooner or later, you'll be forced to either reach for crappy players or draft BPAs that dont' fit anything you need. Not that I really care about the grade and I can get a solid group of players that I personally like...but com'on, it's a game, sometimes I wanna get a high score. Can't figure out how people get 6,000 or higher...I've tried literally everything I could think of and my highest is like 4900.
  13. When I first watched film on him, I didn't think he would be that good at setting the edge, but he has the frame to develop to put on more weight, so he could be able to set the edge well. It really just depends on how well he progresses, but I think that his deficiencies are coachhable (right now, can't set the edge, doesn't show much discipline in the run game, could stand ti improve his recognition). As far as physical attributes, he's got a good blend size, speed, and power that, as a package, is better than a lot of the other 2nd round tweeners a la Carl Bradford and Marcus Smith.
  14. I'd put Gabe Jackson on there too, complete oversight. Not a big fan of Marcus Roberson. He'd be okay I guess, but I'd prefer Attaochu or Brooks (or Gabe for that matter).
  15. Yeah, I agree with that. See my post, #16 above. He's more explosive than Smith, IMO. He may not be as natural a pass rusher as Marcus Smith, but he is still good at it, especially as a stand up edge rusher. To me, if Smith projects as a better pass rusher, it's not by much. The problem with both guys is that they have physical limitations resulting in them having trouble getting off blocks. One area that I will take Bradford over Smith anyday is defending the run. He seldom gets blown off the ball, solid instincts, and has a nose for the ball. He's not great in coverage, but if he were a Sam backer (which is where I'd put him), he wouldn't be in coverage often enough for it to really matter that much - and even then, he does well enough in coverage that he would win some matchups on occasion. We're in need of guys that help us stop the run and that's been a major focus of this team this offseason. Bradford fits that need better than Smith IMO. for the record, I still would rather take Van Noy if he's there. I used to want Bradford over Attaochu, but I'm slowing starting to change my mind the more of Attaochu's film I watch.
  16. Yeah, in that event, go with your gut. Like I said initially, it's your mock. If you like Martin, by all means, pick him. I mean, in the end, it's all just for fun. But as far as BPA available, you're talking about a handful of guys - Martin, Brooks, Ward, Attaochu - that are all ranked around the same area. So if you really can't decide who you like best, you're probably doing somethign right. Problem with that is though, no matter who you pick, you're going to love and regret it at the same time.
  17. Yeah, anything is possible and that would make a lot of sense. One way or the other, I'm not the least bit concerned about Luck's connection with this guy. Could be a family friend for all we know.
  18. Hey people, let's relax a little bit. The OP met this hypnotist at a prom. Meaning, this hypnotist probably travels and works at fairs or whatnot. I'm willing to bet, if Andrew Luck met this guy, it was probably just a for "its and giggles," 1 dollar, let's see what happens ordeal. No different than visiting a fortune teller at a theme park.
  19. The tag is just a one year deal that works like a franchise tag in the sense that salary is set for the year and that's it. Other teams can make offers. It doesnt' matter how big or small the offer is and any offer made is irrespective of the amount of the tender. All that matters is, if a different team makes an offer to Mack, adn Mack accepts it, the Browns will have the opportunity to match it. If it's matched, Browns retain him. If the Browns don't match it, then Mack goes to the other team (or maybe its' the other way around - team makes offer, browns match, and then mack can either sign or refurse, not sure on that part, but think I originally had it right).
  20. I'm on and off about Bitino. Some days I like him, some days I don't. I think of the 4 mentioned int eh article, he'd be my last choice.
  21. Brooks is a 2nd-3rd round pick absent some self-implosion that will kill his stock, so there's a decent chance he'll be available. As for Martin, I get where you're coming from and I don't think it's a bad idea. It's a perfectly fine idea, I just don't believe that's the direction the Colts will go. But I mean, what they would do and what we would do are often two different things. I mean, in Dustin/Chad's Friday mock, I took Dakota Dozier in the 3rd, so...I'm obviously not against drafting an OL early in the draft lol. I just don't know if I'd use our 2nd round pick for it, that's all.
  22. Oh, I was simply stating that some of the guys I listed, I would prefer to Ward or Martin. For instance, I'd take Attachou over Martin and I'd take Brooks over Ward, but they are all good picks. To me Ward is ranked higher than Brooks on many websites and some say he is the best cover safety in the draft, even as a SS. I just personally likes Brooks a bit better (love his physicality, comparable cover skills, not as good of hands but that's coachable and at least you get the benefit of a deflected pass). But you couldn' go wrong with either one. As far as Martin, I like Martin better for the Colts than I do Richburg, so yeah, I'd rank him higher than Richburg. That being said, I don't see us going for a C prospect in the draft's first few rounds and have assigned myself to the fact that we're not taking one based on a lot of what Grigson has said, which is why I'd take Attachou over Martin. As far as BPA, I'll borrow from Superman above because that's exactly how I feel about it as well - Ward, Brooks, Attachou in any order. They're all similarly ranked in my book, and i'ts a roll of the dice as to who actually ends up being the best prospect of the 3.
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