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  1. A) No, he didn't...he threw for 320ish. B) It took him 4 and a half years to do it.
  2. He only played two full games. No one is ready to call him the guy yet, much less the QB of a top 10 offense. Thats especially true for a guy thats been q career backup. Couldnt even break the starting linup at a team that went through 4 QBs in one year.
  3. Hoyer? No. It wont matter until they get a better qb. They get a top 15 qb and then we'll talk.
  4. The only thing I wish it did was, in addition to labeling each pick by it's overall number, I wish it would label each by its' overall number relative to the round you're looking at (i.e. 3rd round, 9th pick, or just 3/9 for short). Since a lot of times you're using both designations.
  5. No joke about the tackling. It's possible that the hamstring (I think that was his nagging issue) was part of the cause, but with or without the injury, he's no good to us if he can't tackle.
  6. I had a really hard time coming to terms with that fact this year. I wanted to believe (and a part of me still does) that Landry could be better in coverage if we got more pressure on the QB gave some relief to the secondary from having to cover their man while the QB sits in the pocket for 5 minutes at a time. But even if that did happen, I don't think it will cover for the mistakes, thus the more I like the idea of moving him to FS.
  7. First, welcome to the forums. Glad you've decided to come join the fun here on these forums. Second, I'm not questioning what you have and have not done because I've never met you. But I think that regardless of what the positional coaches or scouts tell you, it's all tongue in cheek. They have dozens of people asking them for guys they like and who they want to draft. I could ask one guy what DE he likes most, and he could say Marcus Smith. You could ask him 30 minutes later and he might say Taylor Hart. There's so much cloak and dagger and misinformation going on from the combine th
  8. Underrated = sleeper. He's jsut asking about our predictions.
  9. I like Trai as a 4th round prospect. I think he could be a 2nd round prospect if he had stayed another year at LSU. He's got to improve his footwork and lateral agility. Watching him pull on film was painful at times. He looked incredibly stiff. Also, his pass blocking needs work. It's really hard to pinpoint it, because his pass blocking looks so awkward sometimes in 3 step drop passes, but he wins more often than not. But I think his main issue is he lets guys into his chest. Good upside, but will probably need a year. I still think I like Dozier better, but if he's gone and we're h
  10. Still, it's pre-season. Absolutely meaningless. Any benefit you'll get from putting Reitz in will be marginal. I'd rather have Reitz as a utility OL coming in with certain packages and in the event of injury. He's got better value there.
  11. And I thought all those years we struggled supporting Manning was just a fluke. We just didn't try hard enough in the draft I guess lol.
  12. Sigh. It was so much better when it was a Saturday/Sunday event. It's really getting old watching the NFL blatantly try to squeeze every conceivable dollar from every conceivable source. Not that I really support a 4 day draft, but if I did at all, they should cut the first day into two separate days. 4 and 1/2 to 5 hours for the first day is just too long considering it starts at 8:00 pm.
  13. More bodies doesn't equal quanlity of players. Once you get to the 3rd round, solid contributors (not to be confused with starters) are much harder to come by and those are primarily found in the early 3rd. I'm okay with trading back, btu I'm very mcuh against trading next year's second for this year's third and so on and so forth, unless there's a guy there who for some reason is a 2nd round talent and dropped to the 4th or something. But that's on a draft day basis. Very hard to predict that sort of thing, let alone doing it twice.
  14. I prefer the second. But if I could tweak two picks. (1) Agree with you on the Bodine remark, as I think the Urschel pick is a bit of a reach, plus I like Bodine's football IQ. Switch Urschel for Bodine, and perhaps go with Cody Hoffman (at that late of a pick, I'd prefer L'Damian Washington to Hoffman, but both pass muster for me at the 7th) instead of Norwell, and I'm set.
  15. Actually, in many states, it doesn't matter if you're in the backseat or the front seat. In Florida, you could be sleeping in the back seat with the car off and you could still be cited for a DUI. In one case I was working on, the guy had the keys in a suitcase in the trunk with the car off. Never did find out the resolution of the case, but it got past the pleading stages (not that that actually means much).
  16. I think his leg strength would "improve" simply by keeping a lower center of gravity and not playing too high so often. But physically building more strength by hitting the weight room certainly couldn't hurt.
  17. I'm a little bit behind on this guy and wanted to do a write up on him sooner, but had a little time this very beautiful Sunday evening to write a little snippet on another DL prospect that I think could be a 3rd day gem. He has recently raised up on some websites prospect rankings to around a 5-6 round prospect. I think he’s a fit in our 3-4 as a DT/DE. He’s got experience playing all along the interior as a DT from a 3 tech to a 0 tech. He’s got decent upper body strength and is above average in his explosiveness. Draft Breakdown has a few videos on him but I chose the Arkansas video
  18. I've always hated the law that you can be charged with a DUI if you sleeping in a car with the keys - the rationale being that you could theoretically drive the car, so you need to be removed from the road. I could have a sober person driving a hammered me and stop at a convenience store and I could theoretically drive the car somewhere else while he's inside, so of course, I should get charged for a DUI while my friend's in the convenience store. Makes absolutely no sense.
  19. I'm not really sure how he rose up the draft boards all the sudden from a 5th round prospect to a 2nd. I always liked him as a 5th round pick based on measurables alone, but I need to watch more film on him.. To my understanding, he's a better zone corner than man.
  20. Yeah, at #59, there's bound to be at least a handful of other guys I'd rather have. I'm still holding out on the hope that Jason Verrett slips due to his surgery. If there's a surprise potential 1st round talent that slips down to us, I think Verrett has a shot. It may be unrealistic, but guys have slipped further in the draft for less.
  21. Van Noy - Attaochu - Muphy - Smith. However, I don't think I'd take Murphy or Smith with the 59th overall depending on what other guys at different positions were available.
  22. Q/A? My mind keeps reading that as question and answer that I don't know what you mean. Do you mean quickness and athleticism? If so, I agree. I think he's an overrated prospect, but a lot of people seem to like him. I do'nt even know that I'd take him with our 3rd round pick. I do like his instincts and ability to quickly diagnose, but for me, that alone just doesn't make him a 2nd round prospect.
  23. Heh, I got a law school loan debt that's worth more than my mortgage...it's gonna be years before you see a penny lol.
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