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  1. Alright, I didn't understand you. Now I do...totally agree.
  2. It seems the 80 (now 90) player limit does not include, accordign to 17.1(A) of the NFL Constitution does not include un-signed draft choices and those declared ineligible to participate (suspended), among others. So that would seem to account for 5 of our draft choices. Not sure about the 1 extra player. But it seem clear to me that we'd have to get below this 90 man limit. Perhaps you could take a look at it and figure it out, as you know more about the player designations than I do.
  3. I do'nt know this to be true, but I would have to imagine that there is a period where they have to get under the 90 man roster. Perhaps by next Tuesday? I'll have to look it up - probably in the Constitution or CBA.
  4. I think I understand where you're getting at. Swoope doesn't have that now, and it will take him years to learn the nuances. It's not really anything you can teach other than by getting reps. But you have to have the skill set to do it in the first place. Can Swoope get to that point eventually? Maybe. But judging from the remark's Grigson (or maybe it was Pagano) we intend to keep him for at least a year, an assumption I'm making by their acknowledgment that he's a project. How complex of a role and "learning the nuances" gaining more and more experience is TBD, but the quicker he can
  5. I'd be really curious to see that article. Have a link? I've agreed with the general hypothesis that Holmes will have been better and more ready than anyone we would have drafted this year as well. OL is one of those positions where you're constantly reading and adjusting, and you've got to know everyone else's assignment as well. It's not something that you can generally pick up quickly. A split second hesitation is too late, and for most OL rookies, even top picks, that's a pretty tall order to expect them to carry out. They're seeing blitzes that they rarely if ever saw in college, so
  6. He's an interesting pickup. Pretty cool that he has worked out some with Jon Vilma and Jimmy Graham. I say he projects as a TE, but since he's never played football in general, I suppose he could fit a number of positions depending on his speed, agility, hands, body composition, etc. At 6-5 220, ti's really impossible to say without knowing any of that information. Could be a flex TE, could be a LB if he can cover, but he'd need to bulk up, regardless. I doubt there's any possibility that he'd play on the DL or OL, as that would make him a 2 or even 3 year project. Adongo at least had so
  7. I think our first two picks are fine. Not the direction I would have preferred, but they did address needs - even if I thought they were needs better reserved for later round picks for the purpose of depth. But it's not like Grigs and Co were off their hinges with the selections. We needed better interior OL play and at least one of those guys is not a certainty to start from a health standpoint. With WR, we have a future potential HOFer that can't go much longer without declining in ability, especially coming off an ACL tear, the other has a significant injury history. I could see him be
  8. I get the body catch critcism, and he does do it. Sometimes it causes drops, and I agree, that he shouldn't be dropping passes that he should catch. But for the most part, the catches that were dropped (i.e. the GT endzone drop) are passes that would have been difficult to catch, no matter how hard you tried. It hit him in the hands, it was catchable, but to me, it's not like he was wide open and uncovered. I see it as an issue, like you. I don't think it's quite as bad to warrant a comparison to DHB (I know you were using it to illustrate the point, not saying he would be the next DHB).
  9. I dunno. I see a guy who catches the ball. So we can nitpick about how he catches the ball, but he clearly has the ability to catch the ball and do it with his hands. Getting him at 90 overall to me is a solid choice. He may not grade out as a 1st round guy or whatever. But I think he is a good choice and a WR that will stick around this team for quite some time. I'm not seeing a guy that was a bad choice. Just my two cents.
  10. I picked 3 games in a row at random...GA tech, 2012 LSU, 2013 LSU, and the body catches he did make actually made a lot of sense...no one was around him and/or he was falling as he made the catch...the others that were hand grabs were solid catches...maybe I'm not watching the film that the others are talking about....but I'm not seeing a bad receiver...or at least one taht won't succeed at the NFL level.
  11. I'd actually be curious to see what makes you think he has more body catches than hand catches. I've watched a couple, but not all of his film. And of the few games I did see (i.e. Georgia Tech) he had some very impressive catches and some of the oens he missed were just terrible throws. Not saying you are wrong, but I am curious what it is that you see. Because I didnt' see a DHB body catch type prospect.
  12. I don't think we go that round this early in the draft. We have bigger needs that can be filled with guys that can play right away. If we took an ILB on Day 3, I wouldn't be against that.
  13. Did a 10 minute skim through of this, and I gotta hand it to you, very well done. I agree with a lot of what you said in the rankings and how you ranked them. So much so, that I'll print this out while I watch the draft and mark guys off that have been picked follow the draft with it. And really, I'm not just saying that, I'm dead serious. If I took the time to rank positions and come up with my own board, I'd imagine it'd be close to this. There's some guys that I disagree with you on, but it's mostly some of the later round stuff - and who can predict that? It's hard enough to do the fi
  14. Lol did not even look at the date of the post. Wow this is an old thread. Derp.
  15. Cody Latimer has been labeled as a potential 1st round, probable 2nd round pick. It happened somewhat recently, but he was a 6-7 round prospect and then all teh sudden, boom toward the top of the big boards. I don't think he's a first round prospect, but he's got a better chance being drafted in the first than he does signed as a UDFA.
  16. I've followed the QBs just a little bit, but I haven't invested very much time in it because we're not in the market for one. That being said, I had no idea about the sexual battery incident (or alleged, which is almost as bad). The medical condition I thought I remember seeing it was in such an area of the back where it wasn't quite as bad. So while it's a red flag, he should be able to have a successful career with it. But correct me if I'm wrong there. Finally, ACLs with QBs aren't that big of a concern where the prospect doesn't rely on his legs like guys such as Wilson or RGIII. I'm
  17. I like the Kerry Wynn UDFA. Physically, the guy could turn into a decent pickup, but he has a long way to go as far as improving his technique and football awareness. Watching film on the guy, it seemed like he was playing football for the first time. He certainly didn't look display the experience that you'd expect from a redshirted senior. He is strong, but he could put on a little more weight, too.
  18. I like Mettenberg too. I think diluted tests are overrated, but they treat them as positives. To me, these guys are training day in and day out, especially for the combine. So of course they'd be drinking a bunch of water.
  19. Sorry, wasn't picking up on what you said. And if they took manziel, they'd be getting a groomable prospect I suppose, I just think they should be drafting pieces to help them win now, and johnny doesn't further that objective.
  20. No it wasn't Aikman, I turned it on and they were talking about someone's mock draft. It wasn't some joe-shmo, it sounded like they knew who he was, I just didn't catch the name. Anyway, whoever's mock they were talking about had the Cowboys taking Manziel at 16. And I get the whole groom him as a replacement for Romo in a couple of years. I'm good with that, but ti's just not something that the Cowboys are in a place to do. To me, you do that kinda thing when you're franchise QB is getting toward the end of his career a la Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers. And that made a lot of sense then t
  21. Man that whole thing is just crazy...I still thing it goes too far to basically take the guy's team away from him for what he did. Yeah, he deserves to be punished for it, but I don't think anyone would support the notion that the biggest chunk of their assets should be taken away if they said something highly offensive. People would be singing a different tune if it were them.
  22. He really only has himself to blame, but it seems evident to em the man just doesn't care. Profit margins seem to be all that matters to him.
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