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  1. The Rathskellar. Now that place is old school. Feels weird eating in a basement, but man...good German food.
  2. Indy has no shortage of great restaurants. If money isn't an issue, St. Elmo steakhouse or Fogo de Chou. St. Elmo's is one of the best with steaks and would measure up to any steakhouse in the continental US. Fogo de Chou is all you can eat steak and they serve them off rotisseries. Not as good as St. Elmo's but if I was going to get steak, this would be my second choice. Go on an empty stomach and don't even mess with the salad bar. Steak is too good. Only issue with those places is that it's expensive. Expect a check anywhere from $80 to $120. If you don't mind parting with the mone
  3. With the reasonable person thing, that's sort of true. The prosecution still has to prove murder beyond a reasonable doubt, if they don't, then you never get to the defense claim. For self defense, because the standard is a reasonable person, it is kind of awkward to say you have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt that a reasonable person would have defended in the way that the defendant did. That's where you lose the "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden. The burden of proof is on the defendatn to prove self defense, and his burden is just would a reasonable person do it. Prosecution will
  4. Yes, he took a banned substance. And for that, there's no defending his suspension. We know that. Mathis knows that. But what's really at stake is Mathis' reputation. It's an indefensible position to defend a guy who is using steriods or some other PED for the sole purpose of performing better than anyone else on the field. If it turns out Mathis did that, then no one would support him. But if we take Mathis' word as true, how can any Colts fan say he deserves a suspension? There's a big difference, IMO, between a guy who earns a suspension, and a guy who deserves it. Mathis earned
  5. Key word "usually." Usually blacks get arrested and put in jail more than whites...that doesn't mean a white person is less likely to commit a crime.
  6. 1) Mathis said he should have cleared it with the NFL, which would cover anything the trainer/docters would have said 2) See #1. 3) See Dustin's response at 9:40pm, response #253. 4) NFLPA confidentiality. Player can say what he wants because it's his business. If the NFLPA or NFL says anything about what Mathis tested postiive for, it's their behind. Bottom line: the questions you are askign aren't indicative of anything Mathis is doing wrong. Mathis made a mistake - and that mistake is not clearing it with the NFL. Maybe he is lying about it. But it takes an assumption on your p
  7. Mathis, of all people. I'm beyond disappointed.
  8. Can we at least post the GIF of the flying lawnmower again?
  9. Well, that's certainly one way to look at it. Another way is buying stock too high and selling it off before it loses its value completely. I'm on record as saying I hope Trich will be a top 10 back. But if he's not and ends up being a RBBC whereby he doesn't get the lion's share, the Browns "won" the trade and got good value despite it initially being a bad investment.
  10. Putting on a blue jersey is for bandwagon fans. I make myself on Madden and put myself on the Colts with 99 ratings on everything. I'm the QB, LB, Punter, and Kicker, just to name a few. Of course I don't have any punting stats because I score TDs every drive. My kicking stats are bad, too. I have no field goals and a 13 yard kick average because I always go onside and recover the kick myself. It's just because I'm so hard I score every single time. Sometimes I like to switch it up and be an DE for kicks just until I get enough sacks in one or two games so I'm the sack leader at the end
  11. I was okay with both picks, just not what I envisioned us doing - especially WR for many of the reasons you've touched on. As far as the WR, after TY Hilton, I don't think there's really much but depth, even if we stayed with the WR corps we currently have. They're okay, but that's it. The TRich trade could still pay off, but no one expects him to produce enough that it justified sending a 1st rounder for him. He'd have to be the second coming of Adrian Peterson, and well, no one in the league is that good IMO. Put AP on any team and he would outrush whoever he replaced. Nevertheless,
  12. Don't tempt fate, my friend. Many, myself included, didn't like the idea of us going OL and WR on Day 2 of this year's draft and we all saw how that turned out.
  13. I heard about that case but hadn't read up on it. Florida really is messed up. While I think the jury reached the right verdict with respect to Anthony and Zimmerman, given the charges, there's still no doubt in my mind that they were both guilty as sin. At bare minimum, they were responsible for two senseless deaths that were caused by carelessness. At most, they killed with the intent to do so.
  14. Well I mean come on. Like you said, never could have imagined murder. I don't mind when a team takes a chance on a guy with character issues, especially later in the draft like the Pats did. The good thing about character issues si that they are always subject to change. A guys potential is what his potential is. It doesn't change. Some guys potential is a career backup. Other guys have pro bowl caliber potential, but the likelihood of reaching that potential is a long shot. A guy's character is subject to change. You cna have poor character issues at the time of the draft, but get co
  15. You can convict on purely circumstantial evidence. In the more recent cases, there was a question of how the victim was killed. Also in both cases, the prosecution over-charged seeking higher degrees of murder instead of going with lesser, more provable charges such as negligent manslaughter. For Casey Anthony, the defense, as unpalatable as he was, raised questions that the defense couldn't answer. Did she drown and then was she buried? Or was her mouth taped shut and then drowned? The defense had all the cirumstantial evidence to prove everything but the order of death. However, if
  16. I don't know if you think his name is "Olin" or you are just misspelling it. But after the second time you said it, I thought I'd let you know. His name is "Odin" not "Olin."
  17. I agree. That's why I support letting go of Bethea and putting Landry in more of a zone cover role where he did much better at while he was with the Redskins. I envision him playing a role similar to Earl Thomas, though I don't expect him to be as good. I think he'd be adequate though.
  18. There are a billion plus things that could happen between now and May 2015 that would change (a) our draft strategy, (b) the draft order, and © player rankings. And those are just the major things.
  19. I don't know how you can't already. I get that it's really Thomas Stonewall Jackson, but still. Every time I'm reading and my eyes cross over his name I find myself having a hard time not saying Andrew Stonewall Jackson.
  20. I said the same thing. They say three 300 snap linemen left...Satele, Linkenbach, and McGlynn. Apparently, in ESPN's mind, we lost our entire interior OL...the worst interior blocking OL in the league last year. In further words, the most overpaid-underperforming center and two backups. Oh God help us.
  21. His tackling was awful last year. He got beat in coverage so many times it was embarrassing. If he gets a bead on someone while they are in the midst of a catch, then yeah...they'll pay. But other than that, I wouldn't be too worried if I was a slot receiver.
  22. That was one of the things tehy said about Garoppolo (it's one of the few things that us fans can't really pick up on just watching the games). I just liked that he showed a lot of tendencies that you would need from a pro style QB - accurate, good touch, adequate velocity (though not elite). Some of the knocks - happy feet, pocket awareness - on him can be developed, especially under Brady and with Belicheck being his tutors.
  23. I wouldn't go so far as to say Brett Favre, but I agree with the premise that he could be a very good QB. After drafting Luck, I went out of my way to try not to compare him to Manning (which is actually harder than you might think), so I'll go out of my way comparing Manziel, and any other rookie QB for that matter, to any future first ballot HOF'er. With Mecklenberg, I agree, but that was something that took him down to the 6th round I believe. Now even if the two guys ceilings are the same (and let's just assume it for the sake of argument), I'll be the first to admit that Manziel's re
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