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  1. It's a separate infraction altogether. He could get up to a year for the failed test, and he could theoretically get punished for having weed in his car (which would be on top of hte year long suspension). I suppose they could just bundle the two together and give him the year suspension, but that's really up to the commissioner.
  2. It's impossible to say now. Just depends a lot on our roster additions and how last year's rookie class progresses.
  3. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11025320/chad-greenway-minnesota-vikings-rescues-couple-boat-disabled Just a fun ending to a scary boat incident. I need to know the boat manufacturer so I don't ever buy their boat when I'm in the market for one.
  4. Two QB salaries puts you at such a disadvantage at the other 20 (not even counting specialists) positions and you've only got so much money. The dead money only make sense if you keep him through 2016 (if I'm reading spotrac right anyway). And at that point, you've already taken the biggest hit, he's an affordable receiver who would have probably played at a higher level than what he was paid in 2017 and 2018. It's just such a big contract, you're stuck with it for better or worse. They've done a decent job drafting and putting the pieces together over the past few years while the cap hit
  5. Yeah it's tough to say without the police report. Apparently the passenger admitted to owning the bag and the drugs, but usually those police reports all have the same line or two in them - "eyes were bloodshot," "I could smell cannabis coming from the car," "subject seemed disoriented," etc. Whether or not he actually observed those things is tough to prove otherwise, since it's the officer's own sensory perceptions. You'd have to catch him in a lie or something, not easy to do. If there was a 4th amendment problem, that'll be discovered in the coming days and Gordon's lawyers will be all
  6. Yeah, I won't disagree with you there. As much as I would love Megatron to be in blue and white, the amount of money he'd be getting would be enough that I just don't think I'd ever feel comfortable having him from a salary cap perspective. Granted, he doesn't miss many games, but with the risk these players take every single game, it only takes one awkward hit and then you're potentially stuck with an enormous contract with one giant questionmark on it.
  7. And that's the tradeoff. I'm not really suggesting that all the guys in OTAs are better than Hill, I leave that up to management. But I certainly understand that we only have so many roster spots available, which are valuable enough as it is. And the rub is that we're taking a guy that may never see the field in a Colts uniform. For whatever we might gain in signing Hill, it becomes less than what we originally had if Hill gets busted again. Know what I mean? And perhaps whoever would have been the 90th man over Hill may have never seen the field either. I don't even pretend to know. W
  8. I'm not really sold on Hoyer. 3 decent games isn't much of a track record that I'd hang my hat on. If Manziel comes along like they hope and they keep the core players in place, then there's definitely a possibility that they at least give the Pats all they can handle for the division title by the next 2 or 3 years. I just don't see Hoyers as the answer for right now, evne though he's the only option at this point I think. I hear you on the Megatron assessment. I don't know how many dominant years he has left. Certainly, a drug free Gordon has the most productive years left of the two.
  9. Low risk, but we only have 90 roster spots. We'd essentially be handing him a roster spot without even having to prove it, really. I don't think he's practice squad eligible, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I agree. He's a player that can really help push the team to another level. You still need the above average QB before you ever sniff the superbowl, but Gordon was a key cog to that equation. If he does get suspended for the year, he'll be in a contract year. Even if he did perform well, this is really going to hurt his chances at landing a bigger contract - which probably works in the browns favor assuming he doesn't land himself another violation during the time he's in the NFL drug program. Maybe for the 2013 season, but there's no WR I'd rather hvae than Megatron. He was playing th
  11. As well he should be. He clearly needs help and if you can't trsut the guy to take care of the problem, perhaps the suspension will cement how severe his actions are affecting his career.
  12. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11009140/josh-gordon-cleveland-browns-caught-speeding-passenger-had-marijuana Looked and didn't see this article posted. This guy is unbelievable. All the talent in the world and just can't stay out of trouble. Regardless of your feelings on pot, if you are in a substance abuse program and can't dissociate yourself with weed, regardless of whether it's yours or your passengers, you've got an addiction and/or abuse problem. I just don't understand guys like this. I don't think people care if you smoke, but when you're under close scrutiny, just stay clea
  13. Mom swears up and down that she never served me those things when I was a kid. The dog wouldn't even eat that crap.
  14. I just puked in my mouth a little. Why anyone ever decided to stick one of those things in their mouth and call it a side dish is beyond me.
  15. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
  16. Pretty good school system. If both sides of the family didn't live on the west and south side of Indianapolis, I would have looked there myself since I have a daughter on the way. And you're close to Carmel, IN, where there's plenty of good restaurants and shopping.
  17. I'd really like to know why you think it's a poor comparison. From where I stand, the debate, as it relates to Brady, was the amount of attention he receives. You'd think the future HOF qb would get more media attention than a rookie who has yet to take his first NFL snap at QB. It certainly coudln't be that Brady isn't a party animal - how many parties does he attend to with his celebrity model wife? And at this moment in time, if both Brady and Manziel arrived at some popular sports event in the same hot air baloon, the focus of the story would be Manziel, and it's precisely because Brad
  18. I don't see him being cut until June 1. It's only a $3 million hit at that point, as opposed to $7 million. So waiting 3 days makes a lot of sense. Is he a fit for our scheme? Eh. He was better suited for the cover 2 zone Chiefs ran in 2012. He could improve in his man coverage, he needs to if he's going to stay with KC, anyway. But if he gets cut, he's going to get more than we're willing to offer from a team that employs zone corners. So we're probably chasing the wind here. As far as the move to FS, no. He may be able to do that, to which I really express no opinion. But he'd be
  19. I know it's WR groups...but any WR corps that doesn't have the Lions in it is wrong. Any WR corps with Megatron in it is top 5.
  20. We will see how he does. I dont mean to sound pessimist, and i do enjoy reading player breakdowns, but after hes been drafted, scouting reports mean nothing. Its like gettig a book when all you need is a wrench.
  21. We will see how he does. I dont mean to sound pessimist, and i do enjoy reading player breakdowns, but after hes been drafted, scouting reports mean nothing. Its like gettig a book when all you need is a wrench.
  22. You absolutely have to go to the Indiana State fair in August. Go on an empty stomach. There's all sorts of fun stuff there. They've got exhibits showing a lot of historical memorobilia, there's rides (like you'd find at one of those travelling carnivals), and plenty of other fun things. What part of Indiana are you moving to?
  23. Ha. Realistically, I don't see him getting past Sherman anyway. I think he'll win it all. Would be cool to see Andrew on the cover, though.
  24. He beat him because its' a popularity contest more than anything. The casual football fan would rather watch Kaepernick run around in the backfield and make a throw.
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