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  1. Colts need to go out and try and get the best OC out there. Pagano will bring the D, now need a great OC!
  2. I agree with you. I really liked what I saw from him and I am looking forward to the D is he is going to bring here.
  3. I love Irsay being our owner, I think he is making the right moves and has nothing but the best interest for our fans, team, city, players. I give him props for what he has been doing.
  4. I am just excited to see what he does with the D! Excited to see what players they try and bring in and who they draft!
  5. I love the hire of Pagano! Think he will do great things for the team and especially on D. I really like what I am hearing about being a players coach and players really like him. Now I say they go after a OC!
  6. I think to the Colts can do better than Christiansen. I could easily see them going after the hottest OC that is out there to develop Luck!
  7. In my opinion, if Manning is healthy and can play, I do not think we take Luck honestly. I want Luck to be a Colt, but I do not see him sitting 3-5 years behind Manning.
  8. Yeah I am with you on this one. I did not even know that was a job with teams?
  9. I agree with people, I think Caldwell and the staff is going to be fired as well.
  10. Manning could win with me as coach, they need to get rid of him and start with a coach that will be here after Manning to make the transition that much better in my opinion!
  11. I am all for getting Fisher here as the Colts coach, I think it would be a great fit!
  12. Do people know if or do people think Irsay and Polians still confide in Dungy for input? Such as with Caldwell or draft picks? Just curious, Dungy always talks so highly of the Colts and you can tell still means a lot to him and I was just curious?
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