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  1. GIVE IT TO ME BABY! UH-HUH UH-HUH!! And All The Girls Say Im Pretty Fly FOR A WHITE GUY
  2. other one probably TNF
  3. alright Nostradamus or you from the future, then Whatever you say future man
  4. fair enough..for the sake of friendly debate ill say that maybe i could have worded it better
  5. me saying "he MIGHT MAKE IT IN 20 years) is not the same as saying he is definatly getting in, pretty much the exact opposite.
  6. ya see the word "might" in that sentence. It means that he could or could not make it, i dont know (talkin about Johnson)
  7. so whats the arguement man? Point #1- Bob Sanders HOF Caliber talent Point #2- Bob Sanders sadly probably wont ever be in the HOF due to injuries Your repeating yourself and debating with me when im saying the same thing! ***K guess i need to make my points that clear from now on
  8. Just making a point that based on talent alone regardless of injury i understand that Canton doesnt do that but i just was sayin based on talent alone dude would be a first ballot HOF
  10. Did you follow the colts when we had Bob Sanders? if so remember our Super Bowl year? out for the season so we have the worst run D comes back for the playoffs Larry Johnson- 32 yrds KC 44 total yards.. Jamal Lewis 53 yrds 73 total between RB's.. New England 93 total yards between 4 backs. Larry Johnson and Jamal Lewis might find themselves in Canton some day down the road. Bob Sanders is a HOF player and might make it in 20 yrs from now, if he hadnt been hurt No Brainer 1st ballot. Definitely top 10 SS all time
  11. Straight Cash!! :throwback: :throwback: :throwback:
  12. Pollard - Tennessee age 28 aka the Patriot Killer Reed - Houston age 34 The Mastermind LaRon Landry - Indianapolis Colts age 28 aka the HULK Some tough Secondary's in the AFC South who got the better safety this offseason.
  13. im digin that horseshoe as well it took me a second take to realize it was different..more modern i like it :dancing: :shoe: :throwback: :throwback: :throwback:
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