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  1. We all have opinions. I liked JB n gave break to him til the game against Saints. Missing WR that are wide open and line was giving him ample time. And I also think its between ears. If Love is thought to be so good he won't make past 5 . If Ballard and Reich fall in LOVE! They will do what needs too be done! Free Agency will tell us a lot !!!
  2. Yes !!! 32 bout time they voted him in !!!
  3. A 60 year colts fan ! Living in Maryland n catching he'll year in year out. I've stuck. I can't believe CB/FR would make that huge of mistake. It would devastate us even at 13 pick. DT Brown/ Kinlaw/Espenza lamb/ Juedy Riggs best corner other too be had .In 2nd or third. 3 of best ever came 2ND one drafted 19 the rd. One taken in 6th. This just my opinion. We have the money n while u can't sign every free agent . I say go get best pass richer available and up n coming DT .you live in win in the trenches take care of that first for most.
  4. I was checking on Walter football. Stock up stock down. Stock up - James Morgan QB Florida International. Its stated colts and chargers were teams spent most time with him. Like him a lot.
  5. I will root for the colts n keep my opinions too myself from now on.!
  6. Excuse my missing names disabled veteran that use to watch John Unitas play !
  7. Ok CB you said you screwed up make right ! You have the money too do so ! 1st free agency ! #1 Sign Nagu from Jacksonville he along with Houston and Turay will sacks galore !! #2 young kid Shelby Harris DT from Denver strong quick can rush and stop run will be pro bowler soon ! I like Hargrove DE/ DT but 36 yrs old. I like Danny Clark from green bay too young a stud DT. # 3 Sign Robbie Anderson WR from jets! #4 sign TE Hunter Harvey ! He along with Doyle Cox and draft another. Draft at 13th Isaih Simpson Clemson If he is their will be pro bowler like Leonard at linebacker can play some safety
  8. Amen Brother LB Safety End. He will Leonard #2! He will be pro Bowler !
  9. I watched the game Simmons is a beast !!!! Smart fast tough instincts!!!! We aren't so great a linebacker except for Leonard ! Simmons / Leonard / walker. Best linebacking crew in nfl !! If he is their at 13 and if do what we do what we should in free agency I'd take him ! I don't know if he makes 13th.
  10. This guy is young tough and wets pressure n stops run !!! Take him !!! Also make Nagu De from Jacksonville a #1priority !!!!!! Sign jets wr Robby Anderson !!!!!! Sign Hunter Harvey ! We are on our way! Draft another DT WR TE and a Guard to replace our current one. We will have best Offensive line in the NFL!!!!!
  11. He is way fast what's his 40 ? I didn't realize he was so fast
  12. Reggie is ranked 21 top 100 nfl Team.
  13. I like Eason at our first 2nd rd pick. Kinlaw in the first. Juedy lamb gone rugg also. At 46 take wide out. Colts in my opinion Colts won't draft QB. They said Bisset is their QB
  14. Marvin and Berry congrats !!! 2 colts all time wr list !!!!
  15. Qb Dt Wr TE QB isn't going happen not in first anyway . defense is need especially Dt and defense is first.
  16. So far my biggest issue with 2nd rd moving up too get Smith. Who has done nothing too small play inside n has done nothing at De. Can't stay on field! He has one more shot 2020 or he is gone secondly like I posted he has money too affect change. He has been quoted as saying I know what we need and ill get them. We will hold u too that sir.
  17. QB is whole different ball of wax expected be a franchise QB ! Its judgement !!! Reich Ballard won't touch him ! This isn't linemen CB safety etc.... Others better if they want a QB!
  18. 1. In free agency Ballard you have money again this year use it snag best young DE and DT WR and TE available. Give Costanza 3 yr extension 2. DT again in first round Kinlaw SC!. 2nd rd with 2 picks another CB play opposite Rock . Next OT/G to start right guard !!! 3rd another best rated TE. 4th best RB available to play and competition. I personally have view most of you Do about QB. I just don't think colts Do ! That said maybe Eason in 2nd if they do figure out they need another young QB like we think they should do!! If they do this we can really start too earn respect again and make p
  19. The players choose yea may be an opinion board but jvan1973 you have too ignore ignorance and non football knowledge. Let it slide off your back brother ! The loudest * in the room does so for attention and opininated nonsense is their calling card !
  20. Yes very good post. I will add that I like Jim Irsay and I think he is a good owner too a fault and that fault was keeping ( last GM !!!! ) for that matter hiring him ! ) Truth is that GM killed Andrews spirit! Love of playing the game etc............! !! Not fixing the O Line !!! Andrew was special !!! Could been skies the limit !!! If he only had Reich/Ballard too begin with ! Back by is getting what Andrew didn't top O line D line n Team. So as u stated jacoby their is no excuses !!! Get it done !!
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