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  1. I respect your opinion too ! Best draft I've seen Great Job! I hope comes true !!!
  2. MPStack I respect your opinion you tell it like it is. IMO YES but I believe in best player available only when u have 2 or 3 in group ranked same u can take need the most.
  3. Cannot cannot can not draft Philips one more concussion he is done !!!!!!!! Wasted pick !!----
  4. Tks I know sorry. I value your opinion and enjoy your post.
  5. I just watched Baldi's breakdown Kadarius Toney WR Florida. Ty has this year and we can't count on Campbell made of glass breaks easily done nothing since we drafted 2nd rd. I wanted Ohio st wr who has done great for Washington football team. If he is their when we pick at 21. We take him checks all boxes great kid fast and tearing up work outs and Baldi said just watch his tape. He raved about this kid! I doubt he is their at 21.now. Resign Houston 1 more yr.and draft a small school Gem at DE ! With our line and Running backs and that receiving Corp. Are offense should be top 5 !!! and will
  6. Colts are big on Darrisaw and Jenkins and Cosmo and Eichemberg ND I think Jenkins cause he can play any and be great. We need DE Badly and corner so I see trade down pick up a 3 n 5th. Take best corner or end at 54. And 3 4th rd they will take a TE. From ND Tremble this will happen . sorry but they blew it 2nd rd pick on can't even remember his name. The other end we have has this year show up !!! Apologize for names to Fed up with both careless bout their names. ..... We have reboot and find least one end that can actually show up. If not what talent we do have will go by way side and just be
  7. Rousseau/ Perkins/ Jones/ Turner. Phillips if stays healthy.
  8. Penn state DE Owen has off chart numbers but a goose egg in sacks ! Not in first rd scares me !
  9. I think trade down ND OT Eichemberg! 2. Best corner or pass rusher! RD 3 from trade down best corner or pass rusher RD 4 Tight End Tremble of ND.
  10. Really I believe if player they love is their they will take him. Probably a trade back again .We need too solidify LT and run the ball we have best backfield in football period ! Then when the defenses tongues hanging out. Pass off that !
  11. ND Kosamorah is their at 21 take him !!!! 2nd rd if need to move up for Cosmi LT Texas or LT Eichlemberg ND they need too do it ! Then Try find TE and DE. Imo we blew chance get FA DE ! That said if we can get our 1st and 2nd players I've stated it will be great draft!!!IMO
  12. I want Romeo In wars. 6,4 268 34 1/2 inch arms just 25. 10 sacks last. Season!! We must get better pass rush ! We have 2 bust so far 2nd rd pics
  13. I love this guy ! He may be division III School but he had great senior bowl practices. He got rave reviews. He is going no later then round 3. If colts can move down rd 1 and still get Newsome at CB get a 3rd rd pick take this guy play OG and C. I'd be Happy !!!
  14. CB Greg Newsome N Western. if he is their at 21. We should take. Running 4.38! Vertical 40 inch. Did great in drills! We need him. Probably losing Rhodes ? I'd sign him 2 yr deal. Rock I hope he comes around. Take Ot in 2nd. Get pass rush and TE help in FA
  15. Love Brown, Berry, and TE Hopper.also Rivers 2 yr deal.
  16. I forget names guy that runs show after good morning football with big ears. He was asked how did u get info and he stated Houston and other chiefs !!
  17. Heard no word about Hargrove. Who wouldn't want him. Their is no way getting Jones with cameras all over him he stated # I want play my carrier here ! Not leaving !
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