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  1. I think its absolutely amazing Vick Ballard is still on this roster. I would be going home and thinking how lucky i have it if it was him.
  2. Ballard is absolutely overrated on this forum. I wont miss him
  3. This is the most baffling thing to me aswell. maybe he just looks absolutely cooked as a football player which wouldn't be that shocking.
  4. Sifrin was a 27 or 28 year old rookie for christ sake. why would you want someone like that?
  5. Erik Swoope this guy is gonna make us not bother to re-sign one of fleener or allen
  6. I dont think geathers is ready but hes going to be pigeonhold in to starting.
  7. Bennett is super solid could be our future backup QB right there
  8. Jason B. Hirschhorn ‏@by_JBH 31s31 seconds ago #Colts agree to terms with UDFA LB Junior Sylvestre from Toledo.
  9. If theres one thing that comes out of picking Dorsett this is it.
  10. Honestly to me it speaks volumes about how much input Pagano has on picking guys. for someone who is known as somewhat as a defensive guru speaks volumes that we rarely pick any,
  11. Heading down the path slowly but surely...
  12. ding ding ding i have as much chance of making the roster as griff whalen does right now
  13. ok sure but surely that has to be a sway to a bit of both. are you saying to me if Bryce Petty is the highest player on grigs board in round 2 we take him?
  14. After all those Moncrief pump up articles and pieces on how they want to get him on the field more? i dont see it
  15. Dorsett wont even play next year. maybe when andre is gone he will see the field.
  16. so we picked a returner in the first round great!!!!
  17. Clearly they are obviously worried about what kind of contract he is going to command only reason why dorsett makes sense.
  18. My first reaction is why? like it just doesnt even make sense just sheer stupidity
  19. id be more into Harrison tbh absolute stud run stuffer
  20. ho hum nothing flashy should be a backup but will start
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