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  1. He's a troll, ignore him. I believe Luck will finish with 46 tds
  2. The last one was completely unnecessary and excessive
  3. Y'all need to Stop worrying about the Broncos and acting like theyre your second team. Peyton is gone, get over it.
  4. we must have the worst offensive lines in the history of the league.

    1. crazycolt1


      Did you notice the Jags?

    2. BrentMc11


      Not even close to the worst Gabe.

    3. southwest1


      We definitely need to devote attention to this problem. I agree 100% that it can no longer be ignored. Robert Mathis's absence proves this glaring problem more than ever this year IMHO.

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  5. I don't see the pat's as letting us score garbage time points. That or Hasselbeck comes in.
  6. I smell a 42-17 blowout in the pat's favor. Luck is going to throw 3 picks imo,and our oline wont play worth a crap. Edelman is shifty. He's real shifty. He makes shifty people look not shifty.
  7. Not Sure if never heard of Leveon Bell or trolling.
  8. All signs point him continuing his domination. He's figured it out this year, all good teams figure it out eventually.
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