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  1. That awkward moment when we could lose Vontae Davis(injury), Green(cut) and Geathers(injury) for the entire year before the season even starts. Our luck is pitiful when it comes to injuries. Hell even Hooker is plagued with the patented nicked-up-in-offseasonitis 

  2. I'm sorry but 10 mil per is ridiculous 

  3. How in the world do we not have a presidential race thread?  I get that it's normally against site rules but this day only happens once every 4 years. And might never happen again (either way it goes)

  4. Fire these *. Absolute scenes, the fact that this is taking place. Disgusting. How can anyone watch this and defend any of our coaches? Win or lose, this is nonsense and you should all be tired of it 

  5. Honestly what can we even do? I'm pretty sure we've injured half their team on both offense and defense yet I just watched us run plays that resulted in three ridiculously pressured throwaways. If it takes this kind of ridiculousness to be in a game then I fear for this team 

  6. I just picked up Madden the other day and as a Colts fan I find it beyond insulting that Luck's rating didn't go up at all on the newest update. Stafford went up a couple points but Luck stays static despite his objectively league best performance? Nonsense.


    Also I haven't played Madden since 2010 and I'm so bad at defense it'd make the September 11, 2016 Colts look good. Overall though it seems teams are valnced well. Every team has an exploitable roster weakness and the Colts oline ratings are pleasantly surprising!

    1. Synthetic



      Don't know if you play Tecmo Super Bowl, but if you do, check this forum. 




      There's a number of posters on there that do their own hacked ROM's, some use Madden ratings while some use other statistical means to evaluate the stats. Overall, if you do play Tecmo, there's some good stuff on there. 



  7. The Steelers offense is just unreal. Long ball after longball, run after run. The skins cant even touch em. Nice to see Toler getting turned to toast when he's not on our team though 

    1. RockThatBlue


      They have some amazing playmakers.

    2. teganslaw


      I'm glad I added some Steelers players to my Fanduel line up. Did good this week.

    3. southwest1


      Yup, Pittsburg looks darn near invincible right now Gabriel like a buzzsaw that can cut through anything. Wow. Big Ben & Antonio Brown are beasts & probably finish each other's sentences. 

  8. Everyone here should thank whatever higher power they believe in, right now. Or at least Mewhort's ligaments. Great news for us Colts fans!

  9. Just got back from Argentina (well a month ago, but first time back on the forum). What's up guys? What have i missed around the site? 

  10. Wow. These German futbol kits are ridiculous. But still hoping England avenges my homeland for that WC final lol...

  11. Carson Palmer doing his best Hoyer impersonation. Halloween came early this year for him. 

  12. Looks like Brady's teams can't win without cheating scandals. ****

  13. Darth Shady vs Manning. Who is gonna take it?

  14. I Love when I'm wrong, especially when it comes to teams that i highly dislike aka the Seahawks. 

  15. Mike Adams is the turnover Gawd

  16. That is not a pick that a starting qb throws. No way we shouldn't own this game. Lets go Colts!

  17. Serious question:  can anyone with Madden tell me Malcolm Butler's rating. The Guy is a stud. 

  18. That was a bullcrap facemask, refs blew that worse than the Lions on the next play... We need reviewable penalties sometimes. 

  19. You've got to be Flat Out kidding me right meow... Here's to a recovery that gives him all the time he needs to heal. Speedy or otherwise.

  20. Is it sad that every time we have a drive longer than 3&out I expect Luck to throw a pick...

  21. I'll eat my crow (assuming this is Hassle's last game this season). I Said multiple times that he couldn't even make us compete in NFL game's based on his preseason. Not only was I wrong but we won both games! Good job Matt and you guys get to serve me my plate.

    1. chad72



    2. COLTS449


      Yep. That's why we pay for a quality, capable backup. I knew Matt could beat the Jags and Texans. Remember Matt Hasselbeck was a pretty good QB who took Seattle to the Super Bowl.

    3. southwest1


      It's alright Gabriel. We all make mistakes. Sometimes, I think that's my middle name. LOL! The important thing here is that you owned up to your miscalculation. Bravo sir. Bravo! :)

  22. You can't hassle the back!

    1. Synthetic


      It's great to see him still active and winning games.

    2. BrentMc11


      Active? Does that mean he was in Assisted Living Bogie?? :)

    3. southwest1


      The old man's still got it. Matthew is the man in INDY! Oh yeah...

  23. Dad came down all the way to UIUC to take his son to a Hooter's to watch his beloved Steelers. Gotta love my "old man".

    1. crazycolt1


      Too bad the Steelers are down to Vick as a qb. Seems like Landrey Jones would do better?

  24. You simply cannot pass on True Blue Speed. Pags is gonna forgo next practice to give our boys a wood chopping lesson.

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