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  1. I'd like to thank the moderating staff and the people who post here for making this an enjoyable experience full of legit football talk. I went over to a chiefs Forum just to see what's up and my lord every topic is ridiculous and there is MASSIVE. amounts of swearing and very bad things. it's actually hilarious how pathetic they are and hoe half the topics are about us "cheating" or "The NFL is rigged" Anyways thanks again Nadine and friends.

    1. AllYouNeedIsLuck
    2. Nadine


      thanks guys

      Thanks back to you all. It was really really busy here last night and hardly any issues. Everybody was great

    3. New Zealands #1 Colts Fan

      New Zealands #1 Colts Fan

      I also visited the chiefs forum and experienced the same thing. It was pretty disgusting

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