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  1. Zeitler, Bouye, and Perry? Wouldn't that be magical. Add a ilb like Zach Brown or Donta Hightower and I could not imagine a better off season.
  2. This is well done. Like many others though I don't think we should keep a 3rd qb. Maggit has been the backup to Erik Walden all preseason if I'm not mistaken and has potential. Also I think Edwin Jackson should make it over McNary. I like McNary but I think Jackson has a higher ceiling. I'm good with Swoope as both Allen and Doyle are good blockers and Swoope is little more of the move TE. I'd like to see Teven Smith somehow make the team and I think Ferguson makes it as he is more of a change of pace back than the 3 current backups.
  3. I wonder if there is a cheap trade we can make like the one that landed us Davis? I don't think this is the end of the world but another cb would help. I saw someone mention trading for Milliner or the guy from Cleveland? There's probably a underperforming cb we can trade a mid round pick for to bolster the cb corp. This would help for the future to. Butler is getting older. Davis is a little older. If we can get a younger guy with talent that hasn't put it together yet I wouldn't think it would be to bad. Again I don't think we're done or anything but looking at our cbs overall I wouldn't min
  4. Hopefully by week 1 doesn't sound good. The colts rarely have people back by when they "hope" for. So now we can slide Green in as a SS or Adams over to play SS and have Green play FS. Do we sign a FA as insurance? Donte Whitner is available I believe and could be a decent plug in/depth option.
  5. From what I've read he's a good change of pace/skat back type player. Trey Williams is the only other back we have like him I think. So he has a chance to make the roster as a 3rd or 4th back depending on how many we keep.
  6. I think Mario WIlliams was about 290 when he went to OLB for the Texans and he was having a tremendous year before getting hurt. I know Okine is no Mario Williams but from what I hear Okine is pretty athletic. I wouldn't imagine him being the rush OLB but an edge setter behind Walden. With the depth at d line and lack of depth at OLB it doesn't hurt to try. Especially because he might not make the team if he is just a 3-4 de considering that depth.
  7. So we did not draft a guy until the 7th. And we picked up an UDFA that has promise. But I do not know if they can be contributors. I'm wondering what you guys think about signing a guy or two for depth? Dwight Freeney, Lamarr Woodley, and Mike Neal are guys who can come in and help out. Neal is 29 and the youngest. Honestly I don't know much about him. I'd like to have someone behind Walden who can set an edge and another maybe behind Mathis and Cole. A rookie might be able to sit behind Mathis and Cole though. What do you guys think?
  8. Hopefully one of the tackles we drafted can play guard. If so and they work out we are set at o line for some time. We definitely will need at least 2 olbs next season as three of ours, the top 3 as of now, are 30 or older we will also need a quality rb. We do not know what we have in Varga and Ferguson is even more of an unknown. Gore will be 33 soon. If he even plays next season I can't see much. And corner back is going to need to be addressed again probably.
  9. Change ridgeway with billings and this would've been about perfect to me
  10. After reading about maggit I'm really happy we signed him. He could really turn into something for us.
  11. Keyarris Garrett please. I really wanted ochi.
  12. I'd like a rb to be drafted in the 4th. Maybe Keith Marshall in the fifth if we wait. But we have a legitimate need at rb. We have no depth. We also have a real need at olb but with the lack of talent there I think we could wait till the fifth easier. If Christian westerman our Connor McGovern are available I think they deserve a look to too even with drafting two ol already.
  13. If we traded a future third to get into the beginning of the fourth and grabbed billings and then a top rb left id like to see us grab Victor ochi and Alex mccalister with the next two picks. We have the 30+ year old olbs and nothing else. We need someone to groom under mathis.
  14. Hopefully fackrell falls to us in the 3rd our ngakoue in the 4th. I hope we get a rb, olb, and rg in the next three picks.
  15. When I saw that before the draft I had a feeling he was going to be right. If we get Spence or Correa I think our first 2 picks are perfect.
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