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  1. I was born and raised in Indiana. Now I live in Colorado. I always catch every Colts game here in Denver. I always root for my Colts. But over the years of going to other games and rooting for the Broncos I find my self really following them along with the Colts... It's bittersweet. I was very upset like every other Colts fan to lose Manning... But, now I can root for him in Denver. I will always be a Manning Fan. I will always root for the Colts when they come to town however. But it will be nice to see Manning in Denver... I think he is ready to prove everyone wrong
  2. For what it's worth INDIANAPOLIS -- Joseph Addai knows this much about Peyton Manning's recovery: His right arm is getting stronger. Addai was one of three Colts players catching passes last week from the four-time league MVP. On Wednesday, he told The Associated Press that Manning is putting some zip on his short passes. "He's not throwing deep-level passes, but the short stuff is really good enough to play," Addai said. IMO I think a 90% Manning ( Not your average QB ) is still better than 90% of the current QB's
  3. Hey, look at it this way, you might make the number one on the practice squad next year
  4. I think they will play to win the game. If we end up with the 2nd pick I believe they will just take the next man up... RG3
  5. First off, I think it is fair to say that Manning is better than both Orton and Quin... Rodgers said it best, It would be a special opportunity for him (Luck) to learn behind the GOAT. Do you remember who the colts qb was when they drafted Elway? Didn't think so
  6. Born and raised in Syracuse, IN I am a Colts fan living in Colorado. I go every time the Colts play (Beat) the Broncos. The Broncos are my #2 team This weekend I am going to the Broncos game against the Bears... Should be fun, cold though
  7. In my dream world with Manning healthy of course..... We gave Manning a 5 year deal for 25 million dollars after 5 years he gets another 25 million dollar bonus AND 25% of the colts franchise. Sounds crazy I know, but, think about it ,now we have a GM, head coach, OC in Manning for years and years to come. His knowledge is pricless.
  8. Once we see Manning is healthy... I say we trade that 1st pick for as much as we can get... Go get Manning a Megatron!!!!! (Calvin Johson) style wide reciever... resign Wayne, Clark, & Addai on offense along with Garcon, Collie, & Carter. The rest is used stacking the D
  9. I think we need to keep them both... Pollian should find a way to make this happen. When Manning comes back I think he will be back to his old self. Remember, last year Manning played with the injury/pain and took us in to the playoffs with a ton of key injuries. I feel if we start to dismantle the team, it will only set us back farther
  10. I am a huge Colts fan living in Colorado.... I went to a couple games last yr in mile high when Tebow was the starter and have to say he did great. I don't know why the Broncos don't start him. I guess they don't want to give up on Orton yet. I don't think we should switch qb's every week, but, If we could get Tebow, I would be all for it. He can RUN very mobile and big... i have seen this guy put his head down and just run people over, maybe not the best move for a qb, but, he has that fight you want in a leader. He has a motor that does not stop, from what I have seen, he will be a grea
  11. I think he has had a better O-Line But, as far as WR's TE's & RB's. IMO, I think it is the best group he has played with I hope he will suprise all of us and blow it up this year
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