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  1. Just ordered my Parris Campbell jersey.
  2. After two preseason games, I have yet to see Wilkens. Is he injured? Is he in the doghouse? I don't understand, if he isn't hurt, why he isn't playing. I'm not impressed with Williams or Ware. Wilkens averaged over five and half yards per carry last year. and he isn't playing? Please, someone, help me understand. Thank you.
  3. Just for fun thought. Give Adam V. one more season, a farewell tour. And then draft his nephew, Chase, in the 2020 draft. The last kicker named Vinitieri from South Dakota State turned out pretty good. Uncle Adam has been helping him develop. Like I said, just a fun thought.
  4. Would we be interested in a No. 1 receiver?
  5. I find it a bit sad that you would list Brandon Burlsworth in a topic of players who didn't pan out. The young man died before he could ever play a game for the Colts.
  6. I would trade Gore, just out of respect. Let him go to team that he can help in a playoff push. He's not going to get to the playoffs here. Maybe try to get anything for Davis and Moncrief. They won't be around next year anyway. Might as well get a couple of late round picks.
  7. Thoughts on picking up James Laurinaitis and/or Chris Long, released by the Rams today. I believe Laurinaitis would be a big upgrade over D'Qwell and Long could give us a pass rusher that we are not getting from Art Jones.
  8. Just watching the games today and just thinking what the Colts need to draft. I am thinking an upgrade at inside LB and RB. I know, O-line and edge rush is a huge need, but Reggie Ragland and Ezekiel Elliott would be a huge upgrade for the team. And one if not both could be available at number 18. Thoughts??
  9. pac2


    http://greaterthemovie.com Perhaps this will work better. Sorry.
  10. pac2


    Just thought I would share the trailer for the Brandon Burlsworth movie coming out this month. Drafted by the Colts in the 3rd round of the 1999 draft. Named a starter after the rookie mini camp, passed away in a car accident 11 days after the draft. Burl's Kids still strong today. Always a Colt! https://www.youtu.be/0iKO3hCgRUw
  11. Since the 49ers are having a fire sale, how about trading a fifth or sixth this year and a sixth next year for Joe Staley?
  12. From the game picture, I see him being grabbed and thrown down. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  13. I even backed the play up and watched it again. He didn't fall into it, he didn't slide over and stop it, he was grabbed and thrown down and happened to be in the way of the ball carrier. So tell me again why we still have him??
  14. So very happy to see Jeff Saturday inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor. Very much deserved. Who sould be the next inductee? Dallas? Reggie? Dwight?
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