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  1. Luck may be 10-0 against the Colts but that won't matter next week if we can't finish.
  2. This is definitely a game I feel like we'll lose after watching last week.
  3. I honestly can't get my hopes up for this game because we've been blown out by NE every year since Luck's been on the roster. Pats simply just have a better team too.
  4. No thanks. I don't want that problem on Indy's team. I wouldn't have paid him either.
  5. The last drive the Eagles scored on sealed it for me. There was a flag literally on every play and it was pissing me off because half of them weren't even good calls. That, and when they threw one and said "There is no foul for ____" convinced me they were just TRYING to flag us for something. It's ridiculous.
  6. Offensive playcalling needs work as well as Luck needs to shake off the rust from not playing for so long.
  7. I was way more angry with the referees yesterday than I am losing to the Eagles.
  8. MOB

    Chris Ballard

    He's doing what he said he'd do. I remember he said that he may or may not make the best decisions, and he's handled situations like McDaniels and John Simon so well. I'm 100% on board with him. It's only his 2nd year as GM, I'll give him time since he's doing so much better than Grigson is in only two seasons.
  9. WR depth worries me.

    1. southwest1


      It's not depth that bothers me. It's more a lack of separation that concerns me excluding Hilton & Doyle of course.


      In the meantime, I will keep the faith & trust Frank & his coaching staff to work out the kinks.

  10. Well, what now?

    1. southwest1


      Yep, it's strange to not play in the post season this yr out of habit. As in, I'd prefer to not repeat this experience the following season either. 


      As for the SB, I'd like to see NE vs GB or Atlanta personally. 

    2. MOB


      I was talking for Colts offseason plans, which probably isn't happening. As far as playoffs go, anyone but New England and Houston.

  11. This team is a joke. 

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    2. MOB


      I want better coaching and smarter front office decisions. Grigson's last few drafts were okay but that doesn't change the fact he hasn't built a good team around Luck. They all need to work together to actually accomplish championships.


      I want consistency in the play as well. I'm tired of them changing things around and playing relaxed even if we have a big lead. Monachino's prevent defense is so awful it sickens me. 


      Why care about gender in this age? If they're a good coach, hire them. 

    3. southwest1


      I think the reason we play relaxed is because our secondary meaning DBs in the secondary minus Davis feels like a revolving injury door a lot. I just wish INDY could find a strength & conditioning coach that actually kept players loose, flexible, & ready to roll week in week out. 


      I wish a journalist in the NFL would write an in depth expose on which teams keep their players healthy the longest during the season & breakdown what criteria makes a solid staff on the rehab & endurance front across the league. 


      It's not all Monachino's fault though. Our pass rush isn't great outside of Mathis, Walden, Jackson, & Langford. It's not like we have Buffalo's defense in our arsenal. 


      Regarding your last 2 sentences, the NFL is slow to adapt to change. Look at how long it took to adopt independent concussion experts & protocols. Or even hire female NFL referees. Yes, I know team owners can hire who ever they want to coach & coordinate a roster. However, sexism still exists in 2016 & getting a full time opportunity to instruct players in a specific unit isn't as commonplace as one would currently hope it is. It's changing for the better thankfully, but the pacing is slow in NFL ownership circles in terms of permanent coordinator positions or running the whole program as a woman. 


      All I'm saying is this: Just because society has evolved, it doesn't always translate to meaningful hires in high profile jobs or salaries traditionally held by men for women in the 21st Century. That's reality. I don't agree with it, but longterm change always moves at glacier speed. 

    4. MOB


      We need to find other decent corners to help Vontae Davis out. Also, the strength & conditioning is killing these players too so we need a new one of those too.


      We don't have any talent in the pass rush, so we NEED to be LB heavy in this upcoming draft, which has so much talent coming out of it on the defensive side of the ball. But still, Monachino still hasn't lived up to par of what he should have been doing. We're the 30th/31st ranked defense in the NFL, we're not stopping anyone with it.


      Thank God, what they also need to fix is the "No Fun League" aspect, because players are getting fined for even staring at the opposing team this season. It's ridiculous and sucking the fun out of this game.


      Things could be better or worse for this team, but at least we aren't the Browns.

  12. I'm offended that they made Colts fans Bronies in that Super Bowl commercial, lol.

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    2. southwest1


      Good call 100GFB. Beats are indeed nasty & not the good kind of nasty either. LOL!

    3. Synthetic


      My Little Pony is quite the success. I'm sure the developers are loving the fact they have a male audience buying merchandise too.

    4. southwest1


      Thanks for letting me know what a brony is CM1788. I appreciate that. I need all the help I can get. :)

  13. What a crazy Super Bowl and a bonehead call by Seattle. I do miss football already, however.

  14. The future is bright but we have a lot to fix before we contend.

    1. colts8718


      Not with Pagano and Grigson running this team

    2. southwest1


      Why are you so down on Pags & Grigs colts8718? Do you remember Jim Caldwell on 2011? That's worth complaining about. Getting to the AFC Championship Game. That screams success to me.

  15. Believe in Blue

  16. All the negativity going into this WC game is killing my mojo. I know this team has no quit and I'll believe until their last breath.

    1. southwest1


      Good point MOB. Gotta line up & play the game 1st. Anything can happen in January & usually does. That's for the heathy dose of optimism BTW. :)

  17. Bengals or Steelers? Hmm...

  18. I hope we win out, so much as we don't play the darned Patriots in the playoffs.

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    2. HungarianColtsFan


      Me too. It's time to beat them!

    3. southwest1


      If Luck can cut down on interceptions vs Foxboro, INDY has a shot of keeping the game close at least.

    4. radiogirl


      Gonna happen....

  19. No respect for Gronk.

  20. Went to my first basketball game as a VCU Ram, and I must say, I am freaking EXCITED for the next 4 years of college ball I get to see here!

  21. Girl I'm interested likes the Steelers, maybe this will be an interesting Sunday when the time comes.

    1. Nadine


      Steelers are my favorite team to beat!

    2. MOB


      This should be an interesting game that's for sure. I LOVE beating the Patriots though.

    3. Coltsfanman1953


      We get to beat Pitt, NE and the Cowboys in the same season, all my favorites.

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