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  1. I love pro wrestling so much. Holy Paige.

    1. Indyfan4life


      Holy Paige indeed. ;)

    2. adamthyst


      That woman is badbutt and beautiful, but I'm still not a huge fan.

  2. I love pro wrestling so much. Holy Paige.

  3. Seriously tired of snow.

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    2. BrentMc11


      Snowing here...soon to change to rain however.

    3. CR91


      had snow on tuesday in jersey

    4. southwest1


      SW1 hates snow with a passion & SW1 always will. Grr! :)

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  4. Hoping Jim Irsay gets out of this clean and he's able to become sober again.

    1. southwest1


      Yes, Jim needs or encouragement now more than ever MOB. He's a good man who will survive this temporary setback.

  5. Must not check NFL.com and the forum for FA updates every 10 minutes... must not check for updates...

    1. Moncrief


      Right there with you

  6. My birthday yesterday was very enjoyable. :)

    1. adamthyst


      Thanks, Colts fam!

    2. SolomonThomasFanAccount
    3. southwest1


      Happy B Day MOB! Better late than never right? I do like cake. Maybe it's the inner child in me. I don't know. I hope your festive occasion was a memorable 1 anyway.

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  8. D'Qwell Jackson's just one of the many pieces we need. :)

    1. kjyb



    2. Insert Colts Pun Here

      Insert Colts Pun Here

      I don't know a great deal about Jackson. How much impact do you see him making? Do you see him being a starter?

    3. adamthyst


      He was the Browns' defensive captain, and he was a very good LB for them. He should have a solid impact, and I don't know about starting because we have Freeman and McNary as well, they could rotate.

  9. The end of RAW = Amazing

    1. DarkSuperman


      If anyone will ever beat Undertaker it will be Cena sadly.

      Seth Rollins future World Champion!


    2. Indygal1218


      Maybe HBK will come out of retirement to beat the Undertaker.

    3. adamthyst


      Seth Rollins is one heck of a wrestler. All of the Shield are.

      I don't think anyone should break his streak.

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  10. Hopefully next season or years after that, my dreams of Andrew Luck raising a Lombardi are actually true.

  11. Win this one, Peyton.

  12. Season was a success. Disappointed about the loss of course, but this young team has so much ahead. Gonna be a long offseason.

    1. MIColtsFan


      longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, already missing MNF, an addict

    2. southwest1


      Reflection & Rebirth starts now. This is you wake up call Grigs...Go to work. :)

  13. New England doesn't scare me.

    1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      MOB I don't want to play like we played vs Chiefs. TB will not give us a chance at a comebacks

    2. IndyScribe


      Gabriel, if our offense plays the way it did in the second half, and our defense plays the way it did during the first KC game, then we should have a good chance.

    3. adamthyst


      As long as our defense doesn't get torched like we did in the Wild Card.

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  14. Denver or NE?

    1. AllYouNeedIsLuck


      NE. I'd like to play Denver for a chance to go to the big game.

      I also think NE is easier to beat because their offense has few weapons and their defense isn't anything special either. What they have over us is coaching and yes, still QB. We could win @ NE though. I'm fairly positive about that

    2. adamthyst


      After that game last night, anything is possible. We could go all the way, but I won't believe that until we make it there.

  15. After that comeback I have been playing Don't Stop Believin' and Livin' On A Prayer quite a lot.

    1. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      I've been checking to see if I still have a heartbeat after that win.

    2. adamthyst


      I still haven't stopped shaking.

    3. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Straight Reggae and Classic Rock for me man.

  16. Very anxious for Saturday.

  17. Looks like T.Y. won't get 1000 yards this year.

    1. kjyb


      yeah he got 861 right now he just need gud game over 100 in 1

    2. kjyb


      plus like 60

    3. adamthyst


      I hope he gets it. I really do.

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  18. Someone needs to create a 12 Days of Christmas thread turned into a Colts version lol.

    1. kjyb
    2. adamthyst


      Someone PM Nadine or a staff! This should be fun!

    3. shecolt


      Yes, Gramz did start a great 12 Days of Christmas thread. You can find it here:

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  19. This team frustrates me. Not sure how to feel but I will always bleed blue and white.

    1. Stephen


      what frustrates me is they keep starting reed satele when neither are doing much. plus they cut whalen and rogers still doesn't see field.

    2. adamthyst


      I don't know what else to feel anymore. I'm losing faith in this team and I know they have the talent to pull out victories.

    3. adamthyst


      Actually, not faith, it's the confidence in this team. They have played like a steaming pile of garbage.

  20. I believe in this football team. #COLTSTRONG

    1. Insert Colts Pun Here

      Insert Colts Pun Here

      That was probably the worst we've looked all season but it was just one of those games. Credit to the Chargers for being efficient enough to capatalise.

    2. adamthyst


      That was the worst we looked all season. You can't win every game and it happens. I'm confident they will roll back and win here.

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