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  1. I honestly can't get my hopes up for this game because we've been blown out by NE every year since Luck's been on the roster. Pats simply just have a better team too.
  2. No thanks. I don't want that problem on Indy's team. I wouldn't have paid him either.
  3. The last drive the Eagles scored on sealed it for me. There was a flag literally on every play and it was pissing me off because half of them weren't even good calls. That, and when they threw one and said "There is no foul for ____" convinced me they were just TRYING to flag us for something. It's ridiculous.
  4. Offensive playcalling needs work as well as Luck needs to shake off the rust from not playing for so long.
  5. I was way more angry with the referees yesterday than I am losing to the Eagles.
  6. He's doing what he said he'd do. I remember he said that he may or may not make the best decisions, and he's handled situations like McDaniels and John Simon so well. I'm 100% on board with him. It's only his 2nd year as GM, I'll give him time since he's doing so much better than Grigson is in only two seasons.
  7. WR depth worries me.

    1. southwest1


      It's not depth that bothers me. It's more a lack of separation that concerns me excluding Hilton & Doyle of course.


      In the meantime, I will keep the faith & trust Frank & his coaching staff to work out the kinks.

  8. Jesus, he was so young.. RIP Pound Cake. I will never understand why people will ever drink and drive.. it's that easy to call a damn taxi or Uber.
  9. I'm scared because of his track record with Denver, but hopeful because I read the "Lessons learned" article on McDaniels. Let's see what the future holds.
  10. What else can I think about but the incompetent coaching? Good players and a good draft can only go so far with bad coaching. Also, injuries.
  11. Just when we had hope at safety, this happens.
  12. I don't even know, but Vontae isn't playing like he was a couple of years ago. It's pretty disheartening to see, I hope he's alright. EDIT: Nevermind on the off-topic question.
  13. I think he's doing good enough, but of course, he's a rookie, so it's not going to be perfect. Give him some time to bloom into something special.
  14. This is our back of the future once Gore decides to hang it up, and I like that.
  15. I really want him to play, but I value his long term health over a rebuilding season we're clearly in. I don't know how to feel.
  16. Sure, let's totally get rid of our star receiver. No, hell no.
  17. Man, if I wanted alcohol poisoning I'd go to parties at my college. Watching this team and alcohol makes it worse.
  18. It's an improvement but we still lost a winnable game.
  19. I'm just worried about the health of the players man. Luck, Vontae, Kelly....
  20. I personally like what he's doing. The guys we were supposedly after had high prices on them, and I'm glad he isn't sticking it out there to overpay for guys. Instead, we've got two quality picks for the front seven instead of paying $14M a year for a single guy. Besides, even if we don't get everything, needs can still be assessed via the draft since he wants the roster to be built through it.
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