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  1. Would not doubt this one bit. If the NBA is willing to suspend the season I can see the NFL postponing the draft 100%
  2. For the Colture & Kevin’s Corner are by far the best ones
  3. Why does Jacoby throw the ball so damn hard? Andrew use to throw the most catchable ball I’ve ever seen.
  4. Ballard seems to like him, he’s been to multiple games of his.
  5. Tell was so impressive today even on the touchdown he gave up just a better catch on amazing defense.
  6. Imagine signing Hoyer over Kaep and having Adam Vinatieri as your kicker. Yeah that’s us.
  7. We watched two completely different games yesterday in regards to glowinski..
  8. Oh it’s not just this game, he is unequivocally the weakest link on the line and has been that. Gets beat more often than not and benefits from having Ryan Kelly and Braden Smith next to him and of course Frank Reich playcalling. Of course we will not find anyone right now off the street (angry post) but I’d be concerned if we don’t address it off-season.
  9. Apparently watching Adam V miss the most field goals/ PATs in the NFL and wanting him gone you are now “over reacting” interesting.
  10. I’m sure a lot fans feel this way. It’s actually very simple. Cut/Find immediate replacement for tonight: Mark Glowinski Adam V Chester Rodgers
  11. Seriously what is up with Tyquan Lewis?
  12. 3 weeks? Steelers, Miami, Jacksonville (Funchess should be back).... We might be okay till then but get healthy ghost!
  13. The run D? Really? If anything the pass defense needs to be addressed because Rock ya sin was getting torched non stop.
  14. Chris Harris locked Ty for most of the game, Oline was dominated, never really had good field position minus a few drives but glad to have a win.
  15. When it comes to X’s and O’s he’s up there with the best of them.
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