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  1. You get a veteran who should already know his way around this playbook for the veteran minimum. Could also mean Ballard wasn’t in love with the tightends in this draft or could be looking in the later rounds maybe Thaddeus Moss perhaps?
  2. Another 1 year deal for Ballard
  3. Sorry for his language but thoughts??
  4. Yeah missed me with this one bud
  5. I love Buckner and everything he brings but I personally think we need one more dominant force to really put together everything and with the Turay injury last year things are uncertain. If we could get Clowney man...
  6. Wilson is still on his rookie deal and Desir hasn’t offered much for you lately not to mention the emergence of our young guys like Rock and Tell
  7. Would not doubt this one bit. If the NBA is willing to suspend the season I can see the NFL postponing the draft 100%
  8. For the Colture & Kevin’s Corner are by far the best ones
  9. Why does Jacoby throw the ball so damn hard? Andrew use to throw the most catchable ball I’ve ever seen.
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