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  1. We need a pass rusher though, I think Reggie can brush up a quality receiver in the third round and lets not forget about Jeremy Kelley.. Damontre Moore maybe?
  2. If Warmack and Cooper are not there we would probably not go for a guard in the first but if they ARE there I say screw both positions and build a monster starting with the line!
  3. I think we go pass rusher for the simple fact that there's way more quality WRs then quality OLB and I think a good one will fall down to us that we can not pass on. Plus I still think we'll trade to get a second round. -In Grigson We Trust
  4. Looks like he's more of a receiving FB then "laying the wood on linebackers..."
  5. I think its something the colts should really consider! We can get that WR in the first, in second round we can get that pass rusher you guys are dying to have (or vice versa). 3rd round I would like andre ellington (chuck always preaches RUN THE BALL and stop the run) vick ballrd and andre would hurt defenses! if hes not there then we go to online in the third (OG). 4th we can get the best corner available. (no 5th) then 6th could be a fullback while 7th could be a center.
  6. You don't need shutdown corners when you have a good pass rush, ask Tom Coughlin! First round we draft a OLB wouldn't be surprised if Jarvas Jones drops or maybe Okafor idk whoever is the BPA at OLB. 3rd round we should go WR hopefully Grigson sees another WR that could benefit the offense like last year in finding t.y . 4th we should go OG or C then fifth we probably might draft the best fullback. That would be a good offseason IMO
  7. Special teams and that o line everyone else will be straight
  8. Okay maybe DHB isn't a "whopper" jr whopper at best but DHB was not our first choice believe me. He was a back up in case the first deal didn't work. I say we pick him up and draft keenan allen or deandre Hopkins and cut a no name wr. Our receiving core would be nasty! ( Reggie Wayne, DHB, T.y Hilton, Kennan Allen/or Deandre Hopkins, Lavon Brazill)
  9. Brandon Lloyd, Darius Heyward-Bey, and Laurent Robinson are probably one of the WR we are looking at maybe even Randy Moss...
  10. Its hard for me to excited about a defensive player from the Chargers but I'm pleased with the sign looking forward to see who will start this season. This also leads me to think we definitely don't have the money for the "whopper" receiver now..
  11. *sending my clipboard holding highlights to Mr.Irsay as we speak*
  12. Laron Landry Antoine Bethea Vontae Davis Greg Toler Pat Angerer Jerrell Freeman Erik Walden/Draft? Robert Mathis Ricky Jean Francois Josh Chap
  13. true but you cant tell me you wouldn't want to see victor in indy, we are in dying need of a GOOD wr Trading for Cruz, IMO is a bad ideal. We would have to give up a first and outbid the football giants for him...doesnt sound like a fair trade. And Walden while i was against this, after reading up on him, he has a lot of potential. And can set the edge pretty good. I would like to see what he has tbh
  14. Knowing the colts organization we probably wont sign anymore free agents. MAYBE one if we're lucky offensive lineman of course.
  15. First Rd we should go olb I have no intention on seeing walden start.. I even hear we MIGHT (key word might) trade our 1st for victor cruz. rd3 we should go center or LG rd4 WR and rd5 CB because 3/5 of our dbs are injury prone..
  16. Who Would Be A Better Upgrade In Our Secondary?
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