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  1. I agree he is very dominant and makes a huge impact, but he is going to want too much money. I would rather make a move Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe. I still think juicing up our O-line should be the 1st priority. Image how much better Luck would be if he a little more time in the pocket...
  2. We as a team have some good dollars to spend in the offseason. We need to improve our O-line so that Luck has more time to throw. I heard a stat on SiriusXm that blew me away. Andrew Luck was the QB that was knocked down or sacked the most. More than any other QB in the NFL And we still ended up making the post season. Imagine if we had a much better O-line... If we can improve the O-line and pickup some decent pieces we have a very good chance in making the SB in the next 5 years.
  3. You arent too far from me. We should make plans to watch games together next season. I am trying to put together a group, so that we can all watch Colts games together.
  4. Might you be interested in watching a couple of games together next year ? I am also in SoCal
  5. I would love to meet a Colts fan from Los Angeles. Wouldn't mind having a Colts fan to watch games with next year.
  6. I am from Los Angeles, and a die hard fan. I have never lived in Indiana, nor have i ever visited. But I have been a fan since Manning arrived. I originally began watching Colts games because of Manning and told myself that I would follow Manning where ever he goes. Today, I am still a colts fan, and have not switched to the Broncos. Colts 4Ever !!!
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