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  1. This was the first mock draft I did from first pick today. Well I'm happy with it.
  2. I like how our young guys pull through in the clutch for us.
  3. *long breathe in* AHHHHHHHHHH... feels good to get back to football!
  4. I'm really rooting for the (semi) little guy, Will Sutton. Would be a 3-4 DE for us. At 6'1 288 lbs., he doesn't exactly stand out just by standing up, but I love his motor, and his film. HAD 13 SACKS LAST YEAR AS A D-TACKLE. Anyway, he's being overlooked do his size on the D-line, but who doesn't love to root for the little guy? And plus, I view D-line as the most important position on the field, so to me, you can never have enough.
  5. I love how, when you type in this guys name, the emoji automatically pops up
  6. Sutton's got a terrific non-stop motor, and I feel that the little guys play with more intensity and a chip on their shoulder because they've been told they're too small. I'd be ecstatic to have him in Indy. Kyle Van Noy's not a typical 3-4 OLB size wise, but there's more than just raw potential in his game, there's quality in him as well as production already. If Ezekiel Ansah can get picked at #5 without even 5 sacks for his whole college career, then I see no reason why Van Noy shouldn't go higher than that.
  7. I love Fantasy Football, and I think combining that with some guys from the forum would be awesome.
  8. Even though we think we know a lot about the next draft, we really know nothing. So many things are gonna change, but preparation is always good. That being said, cornerback is a good candidate for position to draft for next year. I really like the signing of Toler, but if he is only able to be a very solid #3 corner, then we'd need our second guy.
  9. Height and weight alone don't automatically classify you into a position. JJ Watt's 270 pounds coming out of college could have landed him at OLB, but his brute strength (and weight gain) made him the best 3-4 DE in the league today. We have Bjoern Werner's 266 pounds with better elusiveness playing at OLB. Demarcus Ware's at 254, and Terrell Suggs is at 260, so Werner can be similar to them as well.
  10. 26 sounds about right for where we'll be picking. And now I'm really getting into Trent Murphy, OLB Stanford (another Stanford alum). He looks great rushing the qb and in coverage, and I think it's hilarious how he's basically a Bjoern Werner clone.
  11. Ill admit, its way far off to be thinking about the next draft in almost 12 months, but its also good to start collecting thoughts about what's next and get up on your starting observations, opinions, etc. Leave any comments about who's gonna get picked early, what we should do, or just any random thought at all. Were starting this now.
  12. John Mackey, Raymond Berry, Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning. Respect the classics- along with one of the top 5 players of all time.
  13. , how funny. But you learn the most from experience, so I think we've all just been taken to school.
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