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  1. Colts were a pretty gritty team in the mid-late 80's, especially when Dickerson came aboard. Big fan of Duane Bickett from those days. Still to this day shocked at how the Colts throttled Elway and the Broncos back in 1988(?) on MNF. But, those teams were flawed and basically as good as their 9-7 type records reflected during that era.
  2. Seems like the game with Denver is an obvious choice for the opener on a monday night for instance...but with that said, considering its a year removed from Maning going to Denver a little of the luster might be off that match-up. But considering that Luck had such a great year taking over for Manning, its seems real attractive for the national spotlight. But considering its opening week, the NFL really isn't hurting for ratings from football hungry fans, so why not make that match-up mid to late season, when more is on the line. This could go on for days.
  3. We were an eyelash away from having this match-up last year. Not sure if that's had any mention in the media yet.
  4. For what hes going to try and command in contract, better off not signing him.
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