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  1. i wouldnt say pumping crowd noise into the stadium is a minor rule violation.. its well known that crowd noise can really hinder offenses, cause false starts, cause miscommunications between the QB and offensive coordinator, etc.. This is one of the most blatant forms of cheating and definitely impacts the game in a competitive way. The Falcons definitely got off easy on this one, probably because Goodell has pity for them
  2. Then don't read them.. you pretty much never have an opinion to say about anything other than attacks on specific posters
  3. Then move along junior.. i made a side handed comment and, in typical Colt fashion, it was turned into the beginning of Armageddon... I'm sure I could find 1,000 posts that don't put Belichick, Kraft or Brady in the most glamorous of light.. If you have nothing to contribute other than to insult me, then MOVE ALONG
  4. I dont think he looks like a pedophile, but I think he looks like someone that could be a huge jerk.. Again, these are just my through the looking glass observations of him.. i dont know him.. although it doesnt help that he appears to be behind some sort of sting operation with the deflategate story, so im sure that sways my opinion
  5. Wow.. dark and demeaning.. an overreaction of the year award is in order.. Absolutely ridiculous
  6. I never said anything about him as a person, in fact i said I didnt know anything about him.. i just commented that he looks like a guy that isnt right and was more in jest.... Also, the 2 articles you posted about him do nothing as far as making him out to be some nice guy... he got a bad football injury and overcame it.. thats cool, hes obviously a tough guy at 6'6" 290 lbs.. but that doesn't really say anything about him as a human being other than that he overcame adversity and is a tough SOB.. Anyways, off to a different thread... a lot of sensitive susans in this one.
  7. Wow sensitive much? I never said I believed or didn't believe what was posted, I just said it was interesting. I'm not pushing this story or giving it credibility, I read it, said "thats interesting" and then made remark about how Grigson looks.. wow
  8. The Jets and Bills have loaded rosters, but nobody slinging the rock. Cassel on the Bills will be interesting, it's no 18-1 team, but they had a top defense and a lot of weapons on offense.. if he can't get it done in Buffalo, he can't get it done anywhere
  9. Interesting stuff. Pagano is a nice guy, but I can't help but look at Grigson and just think there is something off about that guy. I don't know him personally or anything but like I wouldn't trust him with my kids lol, he just has a look about him that I don't like
  10. I think as soon as he can pass a physical they'll ask him to restructure, and after collecting some serious money for 2 straight years in the ice tub, I think that he'll be open to doing that (I hope)
  11. The Ravens lost some talent as well. . Ngata is a big loss on D, Torrey smith was their burner who's gone now, jacoby Jones is gone. . Steve smith is like 35 years old now, so I can't picture him making much of an impact anymore either
  12. I wouldn't count denver out, but their offense lost a lot of its potency. All they have left is Emmanuel Sanders and demarius Thomas, which us still a great duo but Peyton isn't going to have the luxury of 4 elite talents now. It's going to be a lot easier to defend their offensive attack Defensively, Ware isn't getting any younger and they lost their biggest impact defensive lineman
  13. I dont see them doing that, Jerod Mayo can fill in for Hightower until hes back 100%. Patriots should have one of the best linebacking cores in the NFL next year with Collins, Mayo and Hightower
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