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  1. I feel best against the PATs but thats also THE LAST team I want to get beat buy. PTSD every time I look at brady...
  2. Thats was great! You should make one of all his tackles.
  3. He had some real great hits last year too. I want someone to make a highlight real of all his hits. Every time was crazy good for a QB. For anyone really. Off the top of my head the only one I can think of is that chase down he had against the Lions and save a TD that got turned into a FG.
  4. I love the man but we should have traded him to a team that could use him badly. Like the Bear or rams. Some how get a WR out of the deal or a late pick I dono.... Just a thought.
  5. I thought of that also. I was looking at the most sacked QB's this year. Most were the ones we played. I'm afraid he may only get 17 or so.
  6. My biggest problem with people on this forum is the constant need to always be positive. Constructive criticism is good! Just because you win doesn't mean you still can't improve. When you have 11 guys on the field you can still win with one of them sucking. Next time the other ot 10 might not be able to pick up the slack and you loose. Do you seriously think coaches overlook things like that just because they won?
  7. I think he's alot better at his job is we have a run game.
  8. It's sad when we seem to do better with McGlynn at C. Just like it always seemed we did better with Shipley at C. Funny how McGlynn is so bad and everyone hates him but the dude is ALWAYS there when you need a body. He's like my beat up $500 truck that just won't die
  9. For sure, I like Fleener alot but Allen was always coming through when needed. I loved everything about him. If you HAD to pick on TE right now to stay on the team no one in their right mind would pick Fleener.
  10. Love him as a person. Not so much as a player. I watched about 40mins of tape on him and got scared. Gives up on the play so much it hurts. I hope he does great.
  11. Wait. I was thinking of Tim Hasselbeck's wife.
  12. I was reading on pats forums that alot of them miss Donald Thomas and that some thought he was better than the starter. So for the money a good buy.
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