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  1. There is 0 reason to cut him now, if the Colts dont think hes a better back then Ballard and Carter then he'll be the 3rd back but you dont have to cut him, its not like he has a monster contract either. IF the Colts do draft a change of pace back and throughout preseason and training camp he proves to be better then Brown, well THEN you can start thinking abu cuttng him but at his point it doesn't really make sence. Teams need atleast 3-4 backs on the roster.
  2. only 19, only got the new guys.... Manning, Harrison, Addai, Sanders, Luck, Freeny, Mathis, and Wayne
  3. Lucks beats Peyton twice, 2nd time in afc championship game.
  4. Colts fan from the Jersey Shore, have been since birth.... first thing my dad put on me when i got home from the hospital was a colts jersey, its in my blood... bleed blue baby
  5. Mike Wallace? He doesn't come cheap but seeing what Luck did in the pro bowl with AJ Green I think Wallace would be an excellent target for him down the field along with Hilton in the slot.
  6. Mike Vanderjagt anybody???? As a younger Colts fan (19) I didn't have the pleasure of seeing those "old heads" but I have been blessed to grow up in the Peyton Manning era and after only a single down season the Andrew Luck era, these "new heads" should ensure many more years of Colts prosperity. Loved the way Bob Sanders played the game but I wish he could have stayed healthy (FA pick-up?) he has been my favorite Colts player. Going to love watching T.Y. Hilton develop into a game changer!
  7. I dont want Revis on the Colts due to his selfish attitude but I could deffinitly understand why a team (maybe the colts) would give up multiple picks for him. A first rounder is undoubtedly a contributing player for years, but honestly how many turn out to be the best defensive player in the league? And thats exactly what Revis is! The colts have ALOT of money to play around with and while Revis requires a huge contract to keep around, they wouldnt be breaking the bank bringing him in. He just doesn't fit the persona the Colts have developed as a classy team centered organization.
  8. He's tied for first, but that does not take into account the week 3 loss to the Jags when he drove down the field to get the lead with less then a min left. If it wasn't for a defensinve blunder he'd have the record to himself.
  9. http://www.pslsource.com/indianapolis_colts_future_schedule_of_opponents list of opponents, even without the jags its not too tough of a schedule
  10. Maybe im getting ahead of myself here but if the cap does jump after next season then maybe getting Revis this coming season could be the one of the greatest GM moves made, if the colts can trade for him and sign him before next offseason for a contract that seems steep now, if the cap does jump then its a steal. to have 2 lockdown corners, andrew luck and still available cap space the future would look very bright for the colts. Ofcourse theres a good chance the cap will not jump and it doesnt work out as smoothly but its something to think about, no?
  11. I agree, looks very good for the Colts! I was looking at the teams we play next season and there are about 13-14 very winnable games, the 2 that seem less likely being home vs the broncos and on the road vs the 49ers.
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