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  1. Terrence Newman top better than Vontae? NO WAY. Wow that is a Terrible list.
  2. I don't like the Hunter, Mathieu or Klein picks
  3. I'm just curious as to why you feel that way. What about his game do you think won't lead him to succed in Pagano's def? Is it just bc scouts think he will be better suited for a 4-3 rather than 3-4?
  4. lol yea those write ups that you read are ludicrous. He DEFINITELY will be a LB in the nfl. And you still haven't told me why he doesn't fit our system..bc we all know him being "too small" is not the issue. Just remember everyone called Ray Lewis too small an look how that turned out...and he played in a 3-4 defense just saying.
  5. Try watching him play before you say someone isn't a fit. As far as size goes he is almost identical size to Jerrell Freeman so I guess he's too small to huh?
  6. Like I said and will continue to say stats don't always tell how impactful a persons play is, but you wouldn't know that. So just stop crying and complaining about a guy you have never seen play.
  7. I was thinking the same thing..haven't heard from him once yet.
  8. LOL so he's really the worst against the run AND the pass now..okay now i see why we signed him good points. Just for the record you responded to one of my posts so keep crying like you have been it won't get you far.
  9. Is it possible the Packers were not using him as a pure pass rush? Your looking too much into stats when they don't tell the full story. If we really wanted a pure pass rusher with not much to offer in the run game we could have signed Cliff Avril for that matter or even kept Freeney. We got a olb who can drop in coverage and play solid against the run and pass..so go cry Grigs a river bc no one cares how you feel about it he's a Colt now.
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