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  1. I am not a fan of permanently retiring a #.....however, Hall of famers with long and storied carriers should be honored. I wish we would set a time period for players jersey numbers we hold with high esteem. So for instance a 20 year period for say Manning's #18. That length of time would honor who he was and what he did for the remainder of his generations fandom. 20 years removed new generation and the chance for someone else to build a storied carrier in that #. The practical side to this kind of approach there are only 99 Jersey #'s and team size, will probably only grow if they successful
  2. Brisset camp/pre season arm and Seasonal insurance in case old man rivers gets hurt....Eason, developmental (at least competent back up on the low end/found lightning in a bottle franchise QB of the future) flash forward 2021....Brisset no longer needed Eason back up to Old man Rivers, and or competing for starting spot/ competent back up to drafted Franchise guy.....
  3. Hilton, Campbell, Pittman, Pascal....Doyle, Burton, Cox, Mack, Thomas, Hines....a freakin' full back lol......behind a great O-line if we can avoid injuries....and build some O-line depth.....Ballard did about the best he could for 2020.....we still need that franchise QB, and a solid back up long term, but thats a pretty stout band aid for this year
  4. Gotta wonder what Phillip Rivers thoughts are on the draft and FA signing of Burton.....he came here under the guise of "I think I still got a year or two of high level play left in me, and the Colts seem to be a team that is moving in the right direction, Ill give it a shot" to ....... ? Hopefully his feeling for (?) is..... "Holy shazaam I made a good choice !"
  5. Thomas still has to learn and demonstrate that learning of pass protect in the NFL to see more snaps than Mack, otherwise every time we trot him out there, we are keying the defense we are gonna run the ball....so I think Mack's reaction is legit....Thomas "could" develop into #1/replacement over Mack, but if Mack is a competitor and I believe he is, he would welcome the challenge to get better and let the chips fall where they may.
  6. at 34 for me Mims/Pittman (if there is a run on a few positions leading up they either may both be there, or neither be there......so I am splittin' the baby and hoping 1 will be there. at 44 Ezra Cleveland and I really don't have a plan B on this spot...... So WR, OT would be my dream sweep for round 2....I really dont like any of the QB's that would be available to us, I would rather roll the dice with the 25 million dollar man and aim high in 2021 for a franchise guy.....and every pick we can scrape together to get there.
  7. Was there ever a time where there was a gray outline on the numbers (was thinking it might have existed back in the Bert Jones days but maybe Im crazy) ? Introducing our 3rd color besides belt and face mask wouldn't kill a brother lol
  8. isn't Houstin #99....think thats right? cant remember.......wonder who wins that battle?
  9. I dont know if I agree that the Colts will be drafting a QB this year..... I think they may target next year on a "all in" to move as close to #1 as they can get with draft picks for whoever they think the "guy" is..... too soon to tell at this point, in related news but totally different: I am luke warm on Rivers, hope he warms my heart cause right now, I'm not convinced he has enough juice to move the needle for me...
  10. M.I.T. planning and sledgehammer tactics are needed to bring us to victory

  11. Conner, Holmes, Hughes......MIA!

    1. SolomonThomasFanAccount


      if talking about robert hughes the fb he is on ps with havilli as the fb. i a agree put holmes at c

    2. BrentMc11


      If Conner is inactive Manusky should be knocked out...Montori Hughes is eating Big Macs for a living, and Khaled Holmes has to be pretty bad if Satele continues to start....still would rather McGlynn start at center.

  12. If you always do what you have always done; you will always get what you always got...

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    2. Crunked


      That is one way to look at it....I personally look at it as, if you want to experience or achieve something more, you have to do something different...The same ol' same ol' just wont cut it

    3. Nadine


      you mean I will never win the lottery?

    4. Crunked


      Nadine your are probably statistically more likely to be struck by lightning twice while being mauled by a polar bear while standing on a Fiji beach LOL

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