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  1. His(luck) future contract will be mad money!So,our GM is really going to have to be spot on,with FA money distribution,drafts and with development of project type players(similiar to freeman).
  2. Have you seen him play(purify)?If not,then i strongly encourage you to have a look.He's an awesome talent!I think another grigson gem(another freeman?).He's also a team player,and works hard.
  3. AFL stats are ridiculous,that's true.But the league developes some great players.I think the closed environment(especially in the red zone),could create some great WR'S.He has all the tools and if you combined that with his AFL experience,then he's worthy of a look.
  4. That's an excellent idea dustin!Let's waste our 3rd on a smallish and slow trouble making *,with severe character issues.
  5. That's quite funny coming from you.You've contributed NOTHING of value,other than snid comments/feedback.I guess...i'll never be as great,insightful or though provoking as the ONE AND ONLY jsomin'somthin'skknz.
  6. He's a big kid(6-3 225),fast,jumper,crisp route running(due to playing in small spaces(AFL),and still young(27).I think we(colts)should invite him into camp.GRIGS MAKE IT HAPPEN! .... Thoughts.....
  7. I like vicky alot,and he did run well with an garbage o-line.Its possible that he can develope into a premier back,with better support.But other than he,who else do we really have?Teams know that if they stick 'DB' a couple of times,he'll just disappear(doesn't like contact).
  8. Yeah,i know.He's just started his rookie deal.I was just looking ahead.
  9. You're a spicy little hot tomale,...aren't you?
  10. I think vicky is good,but not great.He's not the type of player teams fear(b-more didn't).If we can obtain stephen jackson for decent money,then i'll sleep better.
  11. So we're looking at least 20 million roughly?I guess we can backload alot of these contracts.I just want to make sure we keep in mind how much it will cost to keep luck in a couple of years.He's top priority.
  12. I would gamble on marcus lattimore in later rounds(a comp pick).Let him sit on IR the entire year(much like chapman did).
  13. That's an excellent point!But what exactly do they mean by "substantial jump"?The wording has me perplexed.
  14. Why don't you give tim tebow this much respect or opportunity?It seems only when things suit you,right?There's a word for people like yourself.
  15. We(team collectively won,not manning)managed to win that year,even though he(manning)played like a pile of hot mess.He was garbage during that playoff run,and if not for our D,runnng game and AV'S leg(and the rain also),we would've never pulled it off.The team dragged him to the finish.
  16. Yeah,that basically sums it up special ed.Besides,both hilton and avery aren't true slots(they're situational players that play in the slot to create mismatches with their speed).
  17. Yeah,that basically sums it up special ed.Besides,both hilton and avery aren't true slots(they're situational players that play in the slot to create mismatches with their speed).
  18. He was banged-up a couple of times this year.If we put him outside,he might be similiar to s.smith.If he stays in the slot,he willnot last.
  19. Whom are these stars at the slot position you're refering to?Collie?Whalen?There's no depth currently in that vital position.Both hilton/avery constantly take blows going over the middle(they willnot last a full season in the slot),and they're better suited playing on the outside.I like whalen,but he's a question mark,thus far and collie i'll pass on.
  20. It will be luck/cousins(when he's finally traded).Its going to be a wild ride.
  21. I prefer edelman over collie(collie has talent,but the injuries are taking a toll.The one positive about his knee injury is the fact,he may fully recover from 'CS').I think both players will be much cheaper than a welker,bowe or wallace.I don't think the talent dropoff is as much as many believe(on this board).The one great aspect about him(edelman)is the versatility.We're an organization constantly moving guys' to the 'IR',so edelman can contribute(wr,rb,qb,st,cb) in many ways,if need be.I would be thrilled with his addition!
  22. My bad,i meant brent jones(he tore up his knee or something at the probowl yrs ago).I often get brent/bert mixed up.I mean the 9ner TE.
  23. I'm not knockin' luck(i'm really just knockin' manning).I don't want luck to be similiar to manning.What i've seen from luck,i think we're fortunate to have him.He's our guy.
  24. Jimmy(irsay)has taken alot of fan feedback to heart(that's what makes him different...special).I love jimmy,because he's just so encentric(crazy enough to listen).We have the best owner is all of sport!He actually does care~.
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