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  1. One of either Mosely or Landon Collins. Couple 2nd tier fill ins (Gaethers, Breeland, Jamison Crowder, TJ Yeldon) I think Mosely or Collins would bring more of that young leadership to the defense that Ballard craves and would make too much sense. I wouldnt mind seeing him take a shot or two on some 1 year contracts on players with questions like Sheldon Richardson, Suh, Kareem Jackson (age), John Brown, Jason Verrett, or Devin Funchess.. Collins John Brown Breeland Sheldon Richardson
  2. This is a zone defense. We arent forcing mistakes unless we disguise the coverage or have great pass rush into a bad throw/read. With the way they deploy Hooker and the types of QBs we've played (safe with the ball) I am not surprised Hooker isn't making splash plays. To be honest, I would be worried if they WERE constantly calling his name. His picks will come but he can't force QBs to start lugging deep bombs every other pass.
  3. I don't think Ballard has a lack of interest in FA. Al Woods, Simon, Autry, Sheard, etc... I just think he swung and missed on the top guy he wanted last year in Norwell and instead of scrambling and spending he kept his money to take another swing this year. I expect us to be linked to one of the Dallas pass rushers in free agency. I also think that he has seen enough from the RT spot that he will make a run at one of the 2-3 above average RTs hitting the market. Golden Tate, while not young, strikes me as a Ballard type signing. Could land him cheaper due
  4. Dunno why everyone rags on the playcalling so much. The players need to execute. How many dropped TDs were there last week? How many drops (including that third down in ot) was there this game? Players need to execute as well. As for going for it, I was all for going for it. If the ball had been placed higher it would've been a first down and we would've been talking up how ballsy Reich was.
  5. I think Luck gets into a rhythm and puts some doubts to rest this week. Call it a hunch. Colts 31 Texans 17 We get a defensive TD and Luck throws for 300 yards.
  6. I think we'll come out early swinging, keep it close going into the 2nd half, then I think the Eagles will pull away late. Hoping for the D to show it wasn't a fluke against Washington and for Luck to show some improvement in taking care of the ball. 31-21 Eagles
  7. Looking at this from a long term perspective, I think that a trade for Mack makes sense. We have the immediate cap with no major resigning in the near future. We have extra draft capital. We also have things that the raiders want. Mack will still be good during our supposed window and will still have financial maneuverability if we add him. Brisset (backup qb that Oakland wants) Simon (gruden wants vets and old school baller types. Simon fits) 1st and a conditional 2nd with the 2nd being whichever is later That is a lot to give up but to us we are essentia
  8. I'm watching the eagles oline situation. They're one of the few teams with enough depth where I can see us flipping a late pick for some depth. OG Chance Warmack could back up the guard spots and allow Smith to play RT without losing the depth. Then Good can be a swing tackle, Bond behind Kelly, and Haeg the utility guy at all 5. Then in the off-season go after the Dolphins RT James or the RT from Carolina. I'm also watching NE and Philly for a possible scat back cut.
  9. Dark horse target might be jimmy graham. McDaniels could view him as the receiving equivalent of Gronk. Putting graham in a split role with Doyle on the line would be interesting to watch. Let graham work those corner routes with TY clearing and doyle underneath. It would also allow us multiple formations from the same personnel similar to Utecht and Clark in the manning days. I know McDaniels is supposed to be able to make the O run with cheaper personnel but it would be an interesting fix when we need another WR anyway.
  10. Touche. Was getting it in before the conspiracies and personal attacks hit the thread. (It's why I prefer lurking to posting)
  11. Retirement announcement! Sorry. Someone had up be first to say it.
  12. Good catch. Crap seasons are blending together. Still would sniff around thomas.
  13. A-rob. Need someone who can win those short slants and intermediate routes. If we can't land him flip the 4th from the pats over to the broncos for Thomas.
  14. Head Coach- Shurmer OC- Tony Sparano DC-Todd bowles/Jerry Gray in that order I think our talent is similar to the vikes and would fit shurmer's scheme. TY is an undersized wr like diggs. Doyle is a lot like rudolph in size, speed, and catch radius. Mack is very similar to mckinnon. He also has lasted and succeeded with zimmer on that staff. If you can succeed and gain the respect of that man, then I have full confidence in Shurmer to put in all effort and have a detail oriented mindset when it comes to preparation. I respect Zimmers coaching knowledge and grinder mentalit
  15. I have been a wanting nelson since last year. Guy is an animal. Best case scenario imo is trade down a couple spots to someone who wants chubb, key, or maybe a qb, draft nelson and sign norwell from carolina. Would give us an interior line with 3 lineman who show a mean and physical mentality.
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