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  1. I love the Da'rick Rogers pick. He seems to have gotten his stuff together and if so he's gonna be a monster in the NFL. Love Collins too. Really like this mock
  2. I'm a ND fan and I still don't want him. Wish him the best and hope he proves all his naysayers wrong... But not in Indy. Don't need him.
  3. That's that whole "doing our due diligence" thing that Grigson and Pagano always like to talk about.
  4. No way Tavon is still there at 24. Stranger things have happened but I would be very surprised.
  5. Allen's actually known for being a good YAC guy. I'd be happy with Allen or Hopkins. Not big on Hunter. Patterson would be great but should be long gone by pick 24
  6. Isn't Bethea a free agent after this year? I'm guessing we draft a safety somewhere in the draft. Safety is actually a pretty strong position in this years draft from what I've read.
  7. So I was reading an article on B/R called "Manti Te'o may be a punch line , but What does the game tape say?" By Michael Schottey and it had a few paragraphs near the beginning about the draft process and mocks that I thought were dead on. Anyway, I thought I'd post them for you guys to see. I think there's a lot of people that post comments on mock draft sites that would benefit from reading this. Enjoy! "First, let's take a second to talk about the draft process. It's easy to bash someone like Mel Kiper who is more visible than any other draft expert (and not just because you can see his ha
  8. A lot of "experts" now think that Johnathan Cyprien will be the 2nd Safety off the board after Vacarro. I love what I've seen of him and wouldn't mind at all if we took him at 24.
  9. WR isn't a huge need in the first but if Keenan Allen fell to us I think he would be hard to pass up
  10. So what big (and productive) receivers will be available next year in FA or the draft? I don't think it's that big of an issue so we might just be better off waiting a year if there's no great choice now.
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