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  1. Fantastic write up, Andy. Could not be more excited, even tho it's a preseason game that is being played at 330AM my time!
  2. Don't let that headline shock you too much. I just saw this video that Nate Dunlevy retweeted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09oUUhkSxbQ This is my new most favourite thing ever. If you feel like a laugh, enjoy the show.
  3. I was happy with the signing and still am. Harnish is only going to improve more by having Hasslebeck on the team, it's not like having Hasslebeck at number 2 is negatively impacting him. If some view it as a problem, then it's a pretty good problem to have. I'd just be annoyed if Harnish got cut and another team picked him up (even tho he is still unproven).
  4. With the first preseason game almost upon us, who is the Colts player you are most excited to see? For mine, it is a tie between Griff Whalen and Kerwynn Williams.
  5. Having a look at tickets, where is the best place to sit to watch the game. From the end zone, or midfield?
  6. I'll hopefully be going, provided my friend doesn't bail out on our holiday to America.
  7. I thought they could've maybe talked about the Colts with Vick on board a little bit
  8. Those two teams definitely make sense considering where you were, don't think you would be allowed to support anyone else! I'm from down in Melbourne, which, in our opinion, is the best city in Australia
  9. Me and a mate are just doing a bit of a sporting holiday, so I said I have to go to LOS, whereas he wants to make sure he goes to an Eagles home game. So it is a 4 week sporting holiday, with a couple of weeks spent in NYC
  10. As a Colts fan living here in Australia, I've always wanted to attend a Colts home game. I put in my leave for the next financial year, and set aside a 4 week block to travel to America for sports. The one Colts home game during that time? Colts v Broncos. Wow. Incredibly excited at that prospect, but incredibly nervous at the prospect of there not being any tickets available! (I know it's not much of a topic, but I wanted to post it because I'm excited )
  11. I Love Parks and Rec and got ridiculously excited when I saw that they had filmed with the Colts. Cannot wait.
  12. I'm not advocating firing Manusky, who I feel has done a serviceable job with the talent he had to work with. Just interested to hear people's opinions on Rob
  13. Dallas have fired Rob Ryan, what's your thoughts on what he could do at the Colts?
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