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  1. Bam this chemo kicked my butt in the dirt since last Wednesday. Finally able to eat a sandwich today my health team is looking after me 24/7. Radiation everyday of the week and more chemo in14 days.

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    2. Franklin County

      Franklin County

      Seems all I can do is sleep. I try to eat all I can but nausea is so tough. But I been getting some chicken and green beans down. Had a pancake for breakfast, but fill up to fast. This life battle stuff is tougher than any game I ever played in. But my head and hands are still pointing up.

    3. BrentMc11


      Eating is sooooo important. Darned the nausea. My head, heart, and hands are with ya!

    4. alawai


      Keep going FC. You got to eat to keep your strength!

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