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  1. Hopefully with getting some of our OL back then Hass can play a little better.
  2. Colts win with a walk off homerun... uh wrong sport, sorry. Vinny hits a FG with double zeros, final score 20 - 17.
  3. Bring Jeff George out of retirement. or how about big Brett Farve I saw Brett throw a perfect pass to his dog on a Tommy Copper commercial, so he must be in football shape... right.
  4. The Colts are going to work out an ex Baltimore lineman. The link is listed below.. http://ind.247sports.com/Bolt/Report-Indianapolis-Colts-to-work-out-Christo-Bilukidi-40988602
  5. SW1, you are one of my favorite posters. You are funny and right to the point. Keep up the good work.
  6. The all seeing swami that I am, I predict a low scoring game. 20-17 Baby Horses.
  7. John Unitas - All time Current - Mike Adams I like the old school, cause I'm old.
  8. "We just have to keep chopping wood" Isn't that what Del Rio said at Jacksonville and then the kicker hit his leg with an ax?
  9. I'm glad your impressed with my investigative skills.
  10. I'm not sure if this has been discussed but the Colts are working out a couple of different linemen. the link is posted below. http://ind.247sports.com/Bolt/Report-Colts-try-out-Colton-Underwood-and-Byron-Stingily-40270253
  11. 32-10 Colts. The defense will paly lights out.
  12. Can you tell me if the Colts are playing in western WV? I can't get the maps to show up.
  13. I hope that we are not going back to the Tony Dungy times with a light fast DL and not being able to stop the run.
  14. In talking about our defense, it seems the coaches talk about us reacting to what the other team does. Maybe with the newer DLs we can dictate to other teams how the action will flow instead of reacting to what they throw at us. I'm all for forcing the action, when on defense.
  15. You forgot the rolling ball of butcher knives.
  16. Marlin Jackson being tackled by Big Ben in divisional(I think) game against Pittsburgh.
  17. I thought you meant one those poster that you stick on a wall.
  18. Who knows, it may come down to a (knee) ligament chance, hope not.
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