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  1. Thanks for backing me up...Kubs kept Yates on a short leash. At that point it really didnt matter if we beat the Colts or not,we were'nt getting the bye anyway. And if you think that we wouldnt have won the game if it realy mattered your nuts.
  2. A nasty injury? A torn pectoral is a nasty injury? My God man!!! Everything you post is so far out in left field it's out of bounds. Do you even watch football other then Colts games?
  3. You beat the Teans in a meaningless game after they had already won the division. I wouldnt read to much into it.
  4. So let me get this straight. Your saying that Peyton Manning is ageless,people dont get old,trees dont grow,football teams stay the same year after year. Listen to yourself for a minute.....and you'll realize how ridiculous your statements are.
  5. Dude!!! As a Texans fan(and a person with an IQ higher then a turnips) I can promise you Schaub will be our QB next year. And the idea that the Colts can beat us at will like in the past is pure homerism. The Texans destroyed the Colts last year with Manning at the helm. And on top of that Arian ran for 231 yards in that game. I hate to break it to you,but the days of the Colts dominating the Texans are over for the foreseeble future. Not saying that wont change at a later date,but for now ....yes.
  6. As a Texans fan I look at it a little different .......two out of the last three. I think the tide is turning,PM or no PM.
  7. Dude..your tricep isnt in your neck.Thats like saying I can work out my forearm after having my foot operated on.The biggest concern is going to be his neck muscles like say your traps.That may take awhile.
  8. How much of a difference did they make last year in game one? Foster gashed you for 231 yards.
  9. Our schedule is cake compared to the last two seasons....look it up.
  10. I guess your going to have to find out the hard way....Oh .....and please throw to MWs side all night. And if you think the Jets let us sack there QB seven times,and the saints four times,preseason or not,your nuts!!!Last time I checked your D line wasn't all that. And It's for sure,well below the previous teams mentioned as far as skill goes.On top of that we ran Vanilla D through out the preseason. Your best hope is to run it up the middle...if you cant do that ,your screwed!!!!!!!!
  11. Dude!!! You need to listen to Ruksak. The Texans are hardly one dimensional. And Ben Tate is no slouch. The Texans are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and the only way you beat the Texans on Sunday is for them to pull one of there famous no shows. In other words,the Texans should win this game. They have the talent.....but they are the Texans,so you never know.
  12. I'm going to respond to two here since this is my last post of the day. The only reason we lost to some bad QBs last year is because our D was decimated with injuries. Obviously we would have done OK if not for that. Unless you want to say we stomped the snot out you in game one with a crappy D. And to say our D will be bad this year is reaching..Wade is known for turning around a D in one season. And he's done it with a lot less talent. I hate to say it but you guys may be in for a bad year if PM is out for any length of time. But look at the bright side......at least your not the Titans or
  13. Schaub looked horrible? Were you playing Madden again? Tate ran for 7 ypc and looks every bit as good as Arian.And I wouldnt count out Arian if I were you. You sound a little scared about losing PM.....that would explain the hostility. But not the lack of knowledge about the team thats gonna whoop that mod edit on sun.
  14. I think your giving the Colts D a little to much credit.And not giving there O enough. I see the Texans winning this one,but the score is going to be higher on both sides.
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