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  1. i know. i meant to quote the guy he was quoting. And i didnt know how to change it so i just........left it. lol
  2. man, you completely missed his point, but we get your point though. Walden sat behind Mathews and hawk. His stats as a reserve are actually pretty good since obviously the Big Plays are going to be given to the big money playmakers and not the backups. the backups get the run plays and the scrap plays to give the starters a break. i definantly wouldnt judge him on his reserve numbers. And you really need to take the time and do some research on Walden, read his college stat info and watch some videos of him. Im pretty excited about him. I had no idea who he was until Grigson Picked him up but
  3. A+ Did anyone of us know who Ryan Grigson even was before Jim Irsay made the announcement? I mean, from last years draft then going 11-5 with 36? new players, to this years F/A. Dudes, we keep forgetting that we are in only our second year and the thought of going for the Championship this year is not far fetched at all. Ive NEVER seen a team re-tool this fast and stay in the running the way the Colts are. This guy Grigson is putting together a solid team. How many teams can say this after gutting the roster and the front Office that produced the winningest decade in football history?! When th
  4. wow. I think what he was sayin was that we came out of the greatest decade in football history, had one ****ty season and now we got Andrew Luck and things seem to fall in our lap like Heyward-Bey and now we are gunning for another 10 years. So, i think he knows it, he's just venting because the Colts are just always good and the Raiders, seemingly no matter how hard they try, still stink. Hey, Dolphins fans are worse. Lots worse. At any given game, their 70,000 fans are under the same illusion that they are going to beat the other team by 80 points. and they brag about it before it even happe
  5. Hey guys if you get a chance, look up a LB Jordan Campbell. I ran across a video of him then i watched a couple more. This guy is crazy. I mean what stands out most about him other than unofficially benching 225 39 times on video(watch it), is his focus. Im trying to look up more about him and he played at USC until he was involved in something over there. He wasnt even in the combine. Man, he's got ILB written all over him. He would fit real good in a 3-4 IMO. He's got alot of power and speed.
  6. Defense. Go defense this year the way we went Offense last year. Get as talented a defense as we can and we will be superbowl contenders this year. Xavier Rhodes. if not Rhodes then Jamie Collins will do. Collins would actually be perfect.
  7. Good one. Robert Woods would be great too.
  8. Ok. so i looked up how to spell ridiculous. I was wondering what you all were talking about. Of course its a word...i use it all the time...
  9. Rediculous is a strong word. All the knocks ive heard on Fleener are unwarranted due to the system he was drafted into. He's not unproductive at all its just that he has to 'share' more than he did in college. Look, Man, you sit back and keep waiting for his first 1,000yrd, 10 TD season and i'll see ya in 4-5 years when our recieving core deteriorates enough to utilize a TE in a more desperate offense.Until then, dont knock him for having 5-600 yds and 2 or 3 TD per year and no more, saying he's not as good as he was in college or he's not being used the right way by the Coaching staff, its j
  10. Your missing my point, man, and i dont see how you could. Its not "wasting" a position, its the reality that he's not the #1 option anymore. Fleener got his numbers not by just his great athletisism to size ratio, but also by a very sub-par recieving corps. Fleener wasnt running next to Reggie Wayne or sharing the slot with T.Y. Hilton. And he definantly didnt have Dwayne Allen next to him. I mean, he's the star at Stanford, But we also have the Star from Clemson, The star from Miami, the star from Florida International,ect... its the NFL, and think about it, if he is to have the same numbers
  11. Guys, Fleener is not going to get much better. And it doesnt matter how good he is, things arent the same on the Colts as it was at Stanford. Lucks top reciever at Stanford was griff Whalen. Now his top reciever is Reggie Wayne. Tight ends are, not so much as in the past, but they are meant to be blockers and check-down options that can secure a first down, right? Of course alot of QB 's rely heavily on their TE's but not Luck. Luck is playing his game, and he doesnt always have to go to Fleener anymore. Especially with Dwayne Allen in the mix. Because like it or not Dwayne Allen showed us w
  12. Dude i promote Chase Thomas ALL the time! Wouldnt it be crazy if......we got Chase this year and Got Shaye Skov next year?! Knowing how them two play together? wow.
  13. sorry. for some reason i keep thinking we got an extra 3&5. Maybe i had a dream about it or something....lol
  14. I sure hope your right because it would sure be great if we can get such talent in the later rounds. i gotta argue for Collins though. He's gone up the draft board to the first round because of his combine. Broad jump 11'7. for a 250 lb linebacker. Jumped 41.5 in. Hes the most athletic linebacker by a mile. the only one faster was Zavier. Plus with the issues with Te'o , the health concerns of Jarvis Jones, and the lack of athletisism from Demontre moore, all that and the fact that Collins was so much better. Now, have you ever watched tape of collis? Man, wherever he goes he's gonna be a star
  15. We have one more contract year with Pat Angerer. man, he was awesome in his rookie year and last year he had a big injury that he wound up playing on (remember New England where he was covering Gronkowski on the outside on an injured foot?) He's really going to prove himself this year. And if we dont re-sign him, the next years draft will include MLB Shayne Skov.
  16. Draft: 1st rd Jamie Collins OLB or Margus Hunt DE 3rd rd Robert Woods WR 3rd rd Zavier Gooden ILB 4th rd Tony Jefferson FS 5th rd Brandon williams NT 5th rd Ray Ray Armstrong FS
  17. Like your posts dude. However, TY was'nt a slot in college. he was the #1 wide-out in Florida International. Most importantly, unless Austin goes to the Pats, Broncos, Panthers, Colts, Redskins, Seahawks ect... he wont be all that at all. Remember welker wasnt drafted by New England. And remember Early Doucet? a supposable Super Slot guy that fell into oblivion with the horrible QB's at Arizona.
  18. No. A small speed guy we already have by three. youre forgetting who the QB is. Like peyton, He can make anybody look good. Reggie Waye was the last #1 WR we got in the draft and that was like 2002? We've had years of WR's from the 4th 5th, 6th, and 7th picks and we went to two superbowls and three AFC championship games. Plus, and a BIG plus, we're running the WCO. , which is a very adaptable offense. We dont need a WR. I thought Irsay was wasting money on a Big F/A in all those tweets. im glad we came up empty because we're already full of talent.
  19. wow. Thinking with a lack of common sense. We definantly dont need to spend anymore money o out O-line outside of the Draft. Especially pay a starter his money so he can handle our kickoffs. Now that im writing this i realize you were joking. oops. It sure seems we got a thing for Stanford. Chase Thomas would be a good addition, too. Shayne Skov will be a 1st rd MLB next year. I think, though, that we should just ride out the contracts of brown and ...... i mean, if stephan is avail in the 4th, maybe.
  20. I, for one, cant wait to see this guy blossom. He has all the intangibles. He's done good when given the opportunity. Being stuck behind Luck and Stafford, he was a second RD pick. Well, the football gods are smiling upon Stanton because suddenly he has been blessed to be mentored by the mentor of the likes of Manning, Rothlisberger, and Luck. Not to mention his stable of recievers includes one of the top thoroughbreds in the nation. I wish you the Very, very best, Drew Stanton!
  21. Cant recall his name and too lazy to look, but we got him from the Arena league. just two months ago. Watch the video on him, He looks like another Calvin Johnson, just hope he can play somewhat like him.
  22. I see your point but when Luck snaps the ball he's also got options of 6'6 Fleener and 6'3 Allen. Plus we got a WR already this off-season that is 6'6. I mean its perfect. Have you seen how T.Y. at his size works the middle of the field? And he always has a Tall option TE underneath.
  23. Reggie Wayne is 6'0 FT, 200lb. Thats not small at all. seriously. And as good as his routes are and as many underneath passes he takes, hes actually pretty big. Most route runners are smaller and lighter.
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