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  1. AQ Shipley did a great job. He's a keeper IMO. Reitz is soft, Ijalana has already missed his first two years as he was drafted with Costanzo, Justice did really good but is too injury prone. Link is a keeper definantly. Hes put in his time and paid his dues at least to be our top backup. IMO we get vasquez on F/A from the Chargers, draft Johnathon Cooper and maybe pull in Vollmer and call it an off-season. as far as the O-line goes. Drift into dreamland: Clady doesnt get tagged and signs with us....oooh and..we steal DeCastro from Pittsburgh...

    LT Clady

    LG Vasquez

    C  DeCastro

    RG Cooper

    RT Costanzo

    ....( fluffing my pillow and drooling in my sleep).....

  2. Hey good article. Fluker is an awesome lineman but i dont know if grigs would think so. he has a down year and though hes awesome in the run game, his pass protecting needs work. i would love to have him though. he's got octopus arms, and a HUGE wingspan and i personally dont think he'll have a problem protecting luck, coming from alabama. But its whatever grigs thinks and he just doesnt seem to fit the mold. Wouldnt it be crazy if we got Fluker and Barrett both?! Im still hoping they can find a way to pull DeCastro from Pittsburgh. I think we have great OLB opportunities in the draft: Chase Thomas for example, if we decide to trade down for two second rounders. Otherwise, i would be thrilled to get Cliff Avril or Paul Kruger. (Texans arent going to let go of Barwin). But actually, if we dont trade down then i think CB Xavier Rhodes would be an absolutely perfect fit opposite Davis. Man, Hes good with all kinds of potential. and big, too, especially for a corner, in the same mold as Davis. Can you imagine having two davis's?! and i dont think the bills will let Levitre go. they're getting a new QB this year and will need all the help they can get. MLB Shayne Skov and OLB Chase Thomas is an extrememy intruiging duo. it would be a luxury as we have good linebackers already....and your right, we need more safeties. Georgia SS Shawn Williams is a great pick and should be avail. in the third rd.

  3. I was thinking maybe ...

    1. Sign Mike wallace WR steelers .

    2. Trade Dwight Freeney for a 4th rounder

    3.Resign Pat Mcafee

    4.Sign Steven Jackson RB Rams ( if he chooses to still play )

    5. Sign Deangelo williams RB Panthers ( if we don't get steven )

    6. Go for Brian Hartline WR Dolphins

    7. Take a shot at Dwayne Bowe WR Chiefs

    Dude really? We wont sign a top name free agent running back. theres just no need. and how can we trade Freeney if hes already a free agent? plus, we killed it in the wide reciever area in the draft last year so we are set at WR although i think Mike Wallace is already looking at houses in Indy. This is a SUPER year in the draft for the Colts needs, OL, LB, CB and S. i really hope Grigson can show his skills in aquiring draft picks. We must resign Moala and Mcaffee and Butler.

  4. Man, we have 47 millin cap. i dont see us NOT getting Wallace since he is so used to, and good friends with B.A. he's a hell of a burner and from what i've heard he is kind of a mirror image of Avery, because they both have moments of dropped passes, theyre both burners. i think we should definantly sign Avery though. hes put in his time and paid his dues and really wants to be a colt. can you imagine a 4 wide reciever set: Wayne,Avery, Hilton, and Wallace?! And Luck to throw to them?! that would horrify any defensive backfield the NFL has to offer!!! furthermore, we need a RT and i think Sebastian Vollmer is an ideal candidate. if only we could pull DeCastro from the steelers. jus dreamin'. definantly wouldnt sign Freeney. sorry to say but if we can let payton run then 'thats life'. what do you guys think about Cliff Avril? he used to be a linebacker in college and he would really spell Mathis. he can cover and he can really move east and west with a quickness. and CB? JENKINS. Butler definantly needs resigning and Davis, Butler, and, Jenkins would be a great nickel tandem. Draft picks: Offensive Line, Barrett Jones. should be available with first pick. plenty of pass rushers in FA. oh, and what do ya think of David Amerson? 

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