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  1. Right. I can't remember which loss it was after, I believe vs. Eastern Kentucky, he got into a shouting match in the locker room with head coach Jason Simpson. Not an ideal person you'd want on your team. Never understood the hype of the guy. He was never really impressive in games. Sure he made a play here and there, but the other two defensive linemen (UTM ran a 3-4 last year) had better motors than Montori did. I'm surprised he got drafted as high as he did to be quite honest. I'll pull for him to get it together because I want no one to fail, but if there's one guy that it wouldn't shock
  2. I went to UTM and worked extremely close with the football team a year ago. Montori has many, many red flags. He's a guy that felt like he was above the team. He was very uncoachable, and often came off the field after 2, 3 plays. One time in a game, he had 3 consecutive penalties on 3 plays. His work ethic is subpar, and he feels entitled. I'll be surprised if he lasts long. Not a fan of the guy.
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