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  1. I'm so close to being able to say Lebron's the GOAT in my opinion. If he can beat this GS team with the dump of a supporting cast he has.... I might be okay with it.

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    2. chad72


      Lebron's supporting cast is nowhere Miami Heat good or even Golden State Warriors good, IMO. Michael Jordan probably had one of the better supporting casts assembled, IMO. He had Pippen for defense, Grant and Rodman for the rebounding, and the spot up shooters like Paxson, Kerr and Kukoc during both his 3 year runs. Lebron is playing more like Magic Johnson but doing so at a high level, IMO.

      However, if his cast does not give him more help, he will wear out as the series goes on.

    3. SolomonThomasFanAccount
    4. RealityIsLuck


      Yeah you kidding me?!?! Lebron has Kyrie and KLove but they're both INJURED. He's playing with Delly, Shumpurt, Smith, Thompson and Mozgov. Horribly mediocre cast of role players. Especially if you compare them to the depth of GS. They've got Curry, Klay, Barnes, Dray, Bogut, Lee, Sieghts, Ezeli, Iggy, Barbosa, Livingston etc..

      I'm just saying it would be incredibly impressive if Lebron could win against a stacked Golden State team with that supporting cast.

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